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Despite Omicron COVID-19 wave, consumer-led sectors Retail, Auto and FMCG dominated talent demand growth in Jan’22

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National, Feb 25, 2022: The Year 2022 started on an optimistic note with India Inc. noting 12% Y-o-Y and 6 % M-o-M growth in talent demand in Jan’22. This impressive growth came at a time when the Omicron COVID-19 variant caused restrictions and lockdowns, but economic recovery was in full swing accompanied by talent demand growth in all high volume industrial sectors.

Consumer-centric sectors led the talent demand growth with Retail noting the highest growth of 22% M-o-M and over 30% Y-o-Y in talent demand analysis in Jan’22. The Consumer Durables/FMCG displayed another strong growth story with 18% M-o-M and over 30% Y-o-Y increment in the talent demand analysis. Here’s a sector-wise study of talent demand (arranged in order of M-o-M growth):

Times Jobs-sector-wise study of talent demand -trends-jan-2022

Elaborating on the findings of TimesJobs RecruiteX Jan’22 Edition, Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig said, “The Indian economy is in a revival mode and talent demand trends are in-line with that. Seven out of the 11 top industrial sectors that we monitored saw a double-digit growth in M-o-M review of talent demand. The Retail sector registered 22% uptick, followed by the Automobiles (18%), Consumer Durables/FMCG (18%), Healthcare (16%) and Projects/Infrastructure (12%) sector in Jan’22 v/s Dec’21 study. The overall M-o-M talent demand growth stood at 6%, while Y-o-Y increment was 12%. The RBI has projected the country’s economy to grow by 7.8% in 2022-23, and I’m confident that talent demand will continue to grow alongside, keeping the recruitment sentiment high.”


Industry-wise M-o-M top gainers in Jan’22:

The Retail sector gained an impressive growth, recovering from (-4%) in Dec’21 to 22% in Jan’22, and claimed maximum talent demand in the study month. Backed by new product offerings and market reopening, the Automobiles sector gained 18% in Jan’22 vs Dec’21 study. Top M-o-M gainers in sector-wise analysis were:

  • Retail:22%
  • Consumer Durables/FMCG: 18%
  • Automobiles/Auto Components:18%
  • Healthcare/ Biotechnology/ Pharmaceuticals: 16%
  • Projects/Infrastructure/Power/Energy: 12%
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Functional area-wise top gainers in Jan’22:

The talent demand for Logistics profile grew from 1% in Dec’21 to 20% in Jan’22. Top M-o-M gainers in functional area were:

  • Logistics/Supply Chain Management: 20%
  • Engineering: 15%
  • Quality/Process Control: 12%
  • Marketing & Advertising: 8%
  • Sales/Business Development: 5%


Location-wise top gainers in Jan’22:

India’s Silicon capital Bengaluru claimed the most talent demand in Jan’22, gained 19 points, growing from 100 basis points in Dec’21 to 119 in Jan’22. This was followed by growth registered by Jaipur, increasing by 8 basis points (90 in Dec’22 to 102 in Jan’22). Among the metro cities, Mumbai clocked the highest talent demand growth of 8% M-o-M in Jan’22. Location-wise top M-o-M gainers were:

  • Bengaluru: 20%
  • Jaipur: 13%
  • Pune: 10%
  • Lucknow:8%
  • Mumbai: 8%


Work experience-wise top gainers in Jan’22:

In Jan’22, Indian Inc, posted most jobs for freshers (0-5 years of experience) with 12% monthly increment, followed by the demand for mid-management level (5-10 years of experience). The demand for freshers has been consistently up since Jul’21 barring a dip in Nov’21. Experience-wise top M-o-M gainers were:

  • Freshers (0-5 years of experience): 12%
  • Mid-management level (5-10 years of experience): 10%
  • Mid-senior management level (10 – 20 years of experience): 6%
  • Senior professionals (20+ years and above): 5%
  • 2 – 5 years of  experience: 1%


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