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5 Tips for HR To Throw An Amazing Party for The Employees

Throwing a party as an HR professional is about keeping a good balance between maintaining your company’s integrity and ensuring that employees get a chance to relax. Therefore, to ensure everyone has a great time being around each other, there are specific tips you can follow.

recruitment hiring trends

Top 9 Trends in New Age Tech Recruitment

From interest in neurodiverse talents to preference for online portfolios over resumes, there are several new-age recruiting trends that tech companies are adopting to attract and hire new talent for their organizations.


Tips to Hire Resources for Faith-Based Firms

Given the large presence of faith-based firms in the American economy, it is not surprising that many business owners who identify as religious would want to hire resources from within their faith communities. However, hiring from within the faith community can pose some challenges.

hybrid working model

How To Make Employees Feel Comfortable Juggling A Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid working is a great way to ensure your employees retain the freedom and comfort of working at home while offering the structure and collaboration of in-office work. But, some employees feel uncertain about how to manage a hybrid workspace and how to access in-office resources when mainly working remotely

Emotional Intelligence

7 Ways In Which Employees Can Improve Their Emotional Intelligence

Improving emotional intelligence is vital to promoting engagement and productivity. People with high emotional intelligence understand feelings and know how to control them. They can also perceive and understand other people’s emotions, and possess good problem-solving skills.

Ways Businesses are Using AI in Human Resource Management

6 Ways Businesses are Using AI in Human Resource Management

It seems the business world is finally catching up with the times, and HR technology is coming out at a rapid pace to keep up. Hiring technologies are revolutionizing the hiring process and making it a better process for all involved.

employment law

Employment Laws That Every HR Professional Must Know in India

Employment Laws in India define and regulate the relationship between an employer and employees. Being an HR Professional is a multi-faceted job, with bringing in new talent, retaining them, ensuring employee welfare, to keeping up with changing scenarios in the job market.


How can you handle employee burnout?

Burnout can manifest in a variety of ways.  It can be accompanied by nervous ailments like a tick.  It could have flare-up as stomach pains or a backache, or an excruciating headache.  It can also be accompanied by the inability to concentrate, follow conversations, and explain one’s self.

Artificial Intelligence

The Role Of AI In HR: Main Prospects And Risks

As in many other areas of business, artificial intelligence with machine learning and predictive analytics, big data, and facial and voice recognition help in HR. The most important for HR are the technological innovations that can help accelerate the process of searching and selecting suitable candidates.

Inclusion at workplace

Welcoming Refugees into the Workplace: Strategies for Inclusion

Creating an equal work platform can encourage a diverse workforce to come together and explore progressive ways of doing things in the workplace. Successfully onboarding refugee employees requires more than the usual onboarding process.

job description

10 Best Tips for Writing an Effective Job Description

The greatest job descriptions incorporate some marketing, the reality of the role, the essential knowledge and abilities, and the culture of the company. In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 tips to help you write an effective job description.

remote work

Best HR Practices for Remote-First Organizations

Remote-first is more than a work arrangement that enables people to work from home but outlines an organizational strategy that prioritizes remote work and sees it as a requirement rather than a benefit.

9 Reasons Why Good Talent Stays

9 Reasons Why Good Talent Stays in the Organization

One of the top reasons why top talent stays at an organization is that these employees feel like they are significantly contributing to the company. Employees feel more confident when they see their efforts lead to success, and they will likely want to stay in this situation.

employee review-Performance Appraisals

Tips to Help Managers Improve Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisal tools enables HR departments and managers in businesses and organizations of any size to track daily progress on key operational metrics such as employee engagement, customer service ratings, turnover rates, and safety records, among others.


Agile retrospectives for non-agile teams

Retrospectives provide an opportunity to reflect and adapt earlier and throughout the delivery lifecycle. and can also be used to support agile-related activities such as team Check-In/Check-Out sessions, team building, filtering, Futurespectives, finding prime directives, or Energizers.


Valuing and Including Diverse Perspectives at the Workplace

For any organisation, it is vital to extend its DEI approach to encompass employees, customers and partners so that each group feels valued and supported. Diversity in the workforce enables organizations to draw on greater insights and better serve the stakeholders from a broader knowledge base.

Healthcare Hiring Trends

International Hiring Trends in Healthcare for 2022

According to the World Health Organization, there will be a need for 18 million more health workers by 2030, particularly in low and lower-middle-income countries. With the growing demand, job seekers can apply for more healthcare jobs suited to their interests, specializations and skills.

Culture of Innovation

Tips On Building A Culture That Thrives On Innovation

A culture of innovation fosters creativity and problem-solving. It motivates the employees to take ownership of their tasks and encourages their curiosity. An innovation-driven culture harnesses ideas and works to develop, implement and generate value.


Ensuring a Work Culture of Inclusion and Equity in the FinTech Ecosystem

Diversity is fundamental for success and should be one of the major factors while developing strategies while building and growing an organization. Hence it’s imperative for the firms to empower employees, respect the culture and appreciate people from different walks of life.


Implementing Automation in Human Resource Management

HR automation can make these mundane tasks more manageable by using software to digitize or automate repetitive/time-consuming tasks. In addition, it allows the team to focus more on strategic tasks to improve business processes.

Employee Retention Strategies

Strategic Employee Retention in a Difficult Labor Market

Retention starts in how you describe the open position in the job posting. Do you describe your organization as a place where a new hire can learn and grow? Do you let potential applicants know that your culture thrives on transparency and that you listen to your team members and genuinely value their ideas?

HR Team-amazing-workplaces

How to Use Your HR Team Effectively in 2022

The right human resources staff can help you get your business together and also assist you to create a lucrative brand. Here are some ways to help you create a solid HR squad and use your them effectively in 2022.

hiring and retention-amazing-workplaces

10 Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring a New Employee

Hiring employees for your organization requires both time and money. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your new hires fit in with the synergy of your staff, always keep these ten things in mind when hiring a new employee.

employee productivity blog-amazing-workplaces

7 Simple Things Businesses Can Do To Empower Employee Productivity

As the backbone of the company’s quality, investing in your employees is critical. You can increase your employees’ productivity by providing them with high-level skill sets, opportunities for creativity and engagement, and work-life balance.

Human Leadership Trust - Amazing-Workplaces

Human leadership is founded on the basis of trust

One of the most important duties organizational leaders have is to create an atmosphere of trust. Trust in a leader is a currency that does not come easy, it takes time, a lot of effort, and is the result of many factors.

gender pay gap - amazing-workplaces

Effective Tips To Narrow Gender Pay Gap

To bridge the gender pay gap, we need to ensure better participation by women in workforce and paving the way for them to attain senior and leadership positions as well as provide them the environment of equal opportunity at all levels.


From Self To Organizations, Are We Ready To #BreakTheBias?

This year’s #IWD theme calls for #BreakTheBias. It calls us to Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women’s equality.

Gender Equality For A Sustainable Tomorrow-amazing-workplaces

Gender Equality, A Stepping Stone To Sustainable Tomorrow

In the workplace, women experience sexism, and in the home, they face sexism. Women working two shifts are not only a phenomenon in emerging countries; it is also a well-established truth in the developed world.


5 Powerful Employee Retention Strategies to Control Employee Turnover

When old employees randomly quit an organization, it results in a loss of time and resources. And if your recruitment and retention strategies aren’t strong enough, there would always be the fear of losing good employees once you hire and invest in them.


Decoding The Leadership Style of the Next Decade

Future leaders will face even greater challenges. Leadership in the next decade will be about striking a balance between the pursuit of profit and the well-being of the organization and its ecosystem. And it will require a sense of compassion.

Gender Inclusiveness At the Workplace-Amazing-Workplaces

How To Improve Gender Inclusiveness At The Workplace

While much gets written, spoken and discussed on this subject statistics have time and again proved that diversity and gender inclusiveness is still a topic that is widely speculated but where a lot of action still needs to be taken globally.

Gender Bias in the workplace-amazing-workplaces

How Gender Discrimination Affects Women in the Workplace

Gender discrimination in the workplace has been one of the dreaded hurdles to success. While most women give in to the situation, others fight back to bring reforms. Sadly, the reforms still lack essence and structure. As a result of which, victims, especially women, continue to suffer.

5 Best Practices for Driving Employee Engagement-amazing-workplaces

5 Best Practices for Driving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement turned out to be the only magic elixir that is both possible and, to some extent, quite cost-effective. Following employee engagement best practices isn’t as easy as slicing butter with a hot knife.

HR Trends 2022 Amazing Workplaces

Top HR Trends in 2022 predicted by Industry Leaders!!

The year will be another year of challenges for human capital. As we step into another year filled with uncertainty, here are some key insights shared by industry leaders on few of the HR trends we are likely to come across in 2022!


Employer Branding Tips For A Remote Working Environment

With many employees now fully/partially distributed outside of the workplace, Companies have to work that much harder and smarter to nurture their employer brands, foster their company cultures and relook at the value that they are offering to both employees and prospective candidates


How To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview

Preparing strategically for any interview is the sole way out for success. Don’t let your thoughts get swayed away and concentrate on the basics. The bottom line is that interview process is a serious affair, take it seriously and prepare for the same.

Leaders Need to Be Humans First-amazing-workplaces

Why Do Leaders Need To Be Humans First?

Leaders play a critical role in our workplaces and society. As people in positions of power and authority, they have the capacity to impact our daily lives. The onus of establishing connection too, therefore, lies on them.

Employer Branding for Startups-amazing-workplaces

Why Is Employer Branding So Important for Startups

In the job market, startups are up against the big players with big pockets hence, startups have to be more creative when it comes to creating an employer brand and compelling job-seekers their way.

Employee Engagement and Increased ROI-amazing-workplaces

Employee Engagement and Increased ROI

Employee engagement power packs individual performance in an organization, but do companies with more engaged employees’ race ahead of those with a less-engaged workforce?


8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Office Experience

Ensuring positive employee experience motivates your people to get their job done. Meanwhile, their productivity can also benefit your company. That’s because higher productivity means you are able to serve more clients, which can impact your bottom line.

5 Ways to Use Video to Improve Employee Engagement

It’s no secret that videos are becoming more and more popular. This is all because video content is engaging in ways that other types of content just can’t. If you’re looking for a way to improve employee engagement at your company or organization then you need to start using video!

Mastering the Art Of Virtual Interviews

Mastering the Art of Virtual Interviews

Since the pandemic broke out, 86% of recruiters have relied on virtual interviews to kick start their hiring processes. Candidates who need to be interviewed, choose a quiet corner or room and connect with their recruiters via phone, video conferencing, and other online communication platforms.

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