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Women in agritech: Kisanserv is empowering women and breaking barriers with over 70% female workforce



Pune/Mumbai, 14th December: Women have played a crucial role in the growth of the agriculture sector in India.Recently, the integration of technology has resulted in an agritech boom in the country with growth of startups which are finding solutions to the existing problems in this sector. It is noteworthy that apart from bringing huge financial benefits for stakeholders, agritech has unlocked new avenues to empower individuals especially in the farming sector in rural areas. Breaking preconceived notions that women have limited opportunities and are not fit for agritech, KisanServ― a Pune based startup is empowering them by giving them employment opportunities. The company proudly has a female workforce of over 70% in leadership and other roles in its organization.


Notably, none of its female employees had prior experience in agritech and were previously working as teachers, bankers, homemakers and others. As a result of the company’s continued efforts, they are leading from the front and are confidently handling day-to-day business operations and  making crucial decisions as well.


“The opportunities in agritech are huge thus it becomes crucial for us to bridge the current gaps to benefit all involved in this sector. Women who make over 50% of our population, if linked with job opportunities, can take India’s economy to unimaginable heights. We are on a mission to find the best responsible women for different key positions in the organisation. We believe they are hardworking, sincere and responsible and are more ethical and focused on work assigned. We hire them and also train them so that they give their best outcomes as per the job profiles,” Mr Niranjan Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder said.

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The company counts women empowerment as its topmost priority of its DEI goals. Additionally, it also prioritises women safety and makes sure that they work in a safe and supportive work environment with comfortable and flexible job timings.


KisanServ has taken exemplary steps to encourage women to break existing barriers and climb up the ladder in their professional careers. For example, Seema, a mother of 2, without any prior experience is now efficiently leading the company’s direct-to-consumer retail business. Similarly, Sushma Tiwary, prior to joining the company, worked in the education sector for a decade. Today she is working as Controller – Retail in Kisanserv.


Talking about her experience, Seema Sharma Business Leader of Kisanserv said, “I joined Kisanserv in January 2022 and here I have complete  flexibility to find a balance between work and family. The management team believes in female leadership and encourages inclusion and participation which is really empowering.”


Today, Priya Rai who comes from a generous family background is working as Inventory Controller. Mitashi Sinha who faced many restrictions to pursue her dreams and didn’t get a chance to create her own identity made her career at the age of 40 with Kisanserv as its Admin Controller. Durga Shirali  who worked for 5 years in banking, after taking a long break, joined the company and is successful working as Finance Controller. These are a few of the many examples that show how Kisanserv is empowering  women like them to progress in their careers and lead successful lives.


The company has its business operations in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Hyderabad. With a workforce of over 500 people, majority of which is women, it is taking giant leaps towards women empowerment and also setting great examples for others to follow.

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