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What does the Gen Z Really want?


Guest Post : Vinay Trivedi, CHRO | TA Pai Young HR Leader – Economic Times | Speaker | Guest Faculty | University Advisory Board | Trying Being Human

There are so many studies that talk about what the Millennial generation or Gen Z want. While most studies cover many aspects, there are a few aspects that are not covered by these studies but are extremely important. These aspects are:

  1. Confusion
  2. Need for inspiration
  3. Safe risk taking ability
  4. Impulsive decision

Confusion – This is a eternally confused generation for 2 reasons:

  • Too many choices: Think about it, every jobseeker has more than 1 option today to pursue, this not only puts them in a confused state but also at times makes them indecisive
  • Too much access to information: This is more of a bane than a bone if you are looking at it from a candidate, employee or employer point of view. This kills the ability to take a call quickly, we all know what happens when you have too many data points.

Need for inspiration:

    • Personality inspiration: This is a generation that works well with inspiration, which means this is more of a “Carrot” generation than a “Stick” generation in the Carrot and stick theory. A stick usually works well when someone does not have a choice, in case of millennials they have plenty of these choices. Hence as a leader if you inspire them, you can lead them in the right direction.
    • Purpose inspiration: This is another reason that excites this generation, however it has also proven to be short lived and can turn into a bane if the workplace is unable to provide options.
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Safe Risk taking ability:

  • The confused risk: With information available easily, people want to take a risk but after evaluating and over evaluating the situation. Let’s look at employment, they will look at Glassdoor, Linkedin, scan through google reviews, look up for leadership profile multiple times and then once they are convinced, they make the move, where is it a Risk? Is it not a well informed decision? Think about it!
  • No option risk: If left with no options most Gen Z will be open to taking increased risk even without adequate information.

Impulsive Decision – This is certainly in the character of this generation

  • Personal impulsive decisions: This generation is usually very adventurous when it comes to taking decisions at the spur of the moment, however mostly these decisions are limited to personal life like a holiday or shopping or watching Netflix full day etc. This is because in most cases they have their basic personal needs met a home, parents of millennial and Gen Z have usually
  • Professional impulsive decisions: Usually with access to information this is not an area you will find most millennial comfortable with unless they are in a no choice zone.

So is the get-set-go generation really on the go?

They need to be inspired, they need to be allowed to take some quick decisions, they also thrive when some goal posts shift as they like ambiguity and uncertainty. Carrot works more than stick and they also need things moving fast, that stems from the need of instant gratification.

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