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‘Spooky Affair’, GenZ Enthusiasm For Halloween Turns Offices Into Festive Haunts



With over 2800 respondents, Hunch’s most recent study provides an interesting look at how Generation Z celebrates Halloween. The findings show that 30.6% of participants are actively thinking about spending money on Halloween celebrations, which represents a significant change in Gen Z’s inclination towards the holiday. This growing trend indicates that Halloween has changed from being just another day on the calendar to something that Generation Z finds meaningful. There are opportunities for businesses and marketers to take advantage of this youthful passion for the holiday as a result of the increased interest. Workplaces are being transformed into vibrant, eerie haunts as Halloween draws near thanks to the Gen Z workforce’s energetic excitement. The younger generation’s ardent acceptance of Halloween is demonstrated by the ‘Spooky Affair’ fad. Creepy décor, creative costumes, and themed events surround workspaces, creating a joyous atmosphere full of fun and friendship. This trend highlights how workplace cultures are changing as workers joyfully welcome the holidays and bring a festive vibe to their workspaces.


Here are the few companies that have celebrated Halloween in distinctive ways to inspire their employees.


Advantage Club – Highlighting how the next generation is redefining corporate celebrations and enhancing the employee experience, Smiti Bhatt Deorah, Co-Founder and COO of Advantage Club, says “In the spirit of Gen Z magic, we at Advantage Club embraced Halloween celebrations with open arms, with a spooktacular event where we all came dressed up, carved pumpkins, and celebrated with sweet treats. Celebrations at Advantage Club isn’t just about having fun; it’s about fostering a great employee experience and team bonding. When we unite in creative revelry, we’re not only building a more vibrant work environment, but we’re also boosting morale and employee engagement.”

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V360 Group – V360 Group recently organized a spooktacular costume competition, encouraging employees to don their Halloween best. Whether they were physically present or working remotely, all team members had the opportunity to showcase their Halloween spirit by submitting photos of their creative ensembles. A panel of judges had the exciting task of selecting the top costumes. Each participant had the chance to share the story behind their character choice and explain the reasons that led them to select it. It was a celebration of creativity and Halloween fun in the workplace.



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