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“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell: Success Stories From The Rich & Famous!



Malcolm Gladwell makes us travel through a logical expedition through the world of “outliers.” And who are they? This magnificent book is the brightest and most innovative, renowned, and prosperous. He poses the question, “What distinguishes outstanding achievers?”

He responds that we focus too much on the individual’s success and focus too little on where they come from: their culture, family, generation, and unique upbringing experiences. Moving ahead in the book, he reveals the undisclosed truth of software billionaires, why Asians excel in mathematics, be the best soccer player, and how the Beatles became the supreme rock band of all time.

Outliers is a book about people who achieve extraordinary results by doing things out of the norm. Malcolm Gladwell explores the factors that differentiate the greatest from the others, from programmers to business tycoons, geniuses to music stars. However, he contends that our approach to the concept of success is fundamentally flawed.

The book is organized as a series of case studies spanning several cultures and time eras, all linked by a few fundamental theses and hypotheses. Success, according to Gladwell, is not solely the result of a strong personality or a high IQ. Instead, successful people frequently thrive due to a good mix of hard effort, community support, and meaningful opportunities.

Gladwell demonstrates that seemingly random elements, such as one’s birthday and year of birth, can influence one’s ability to train and reach success. In deciding an individual’s destiny, he also contends that standard measurements of brilliance (such as IQ) are less essential than characteristics such as class background, parenting methods, and work habits.

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Outliers are remarkable to work that will simultaneously delight and illuminate. This work by Gladwell may not be life-altering, but a delight nonetheless. It is brilliant and engaging.

    • Book Title : Outliers
    • Book Subtitle : The Story of Success
    • Authors :Malcolm Gladwell
    • Publisher : Penguin
    • Topics : Business & Motivation Book



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