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Are millennials attracted to tier 2 cities for better work-life balance?

Feature image-Nitin Jain-Co-Founder- Indigifts-Pvt-Ltd

Let me just begin with bursting the bubble that there is nothing like ‘work-life balance’ that could be incorporated in the fast-paced 21st-century lifestyle. The term was relevant 40 years ago when it was coined. Today, one can not simply put a thick line between their work and life, clocking it around 9 to 5. Then came ‘work-life integration’ which made the line so thin that people found themselves even more tangled in the process, as in solving a Rubik’s cube. You could not be answering your emails while taking care of your toddler. The abrupt switch would just confuse the mind.

The concept shall keep evolving but I believe ‘work-life innovation’ is the way ahead. Today, when the world is going through a paradigm shift, organisations that would be the first to adapt to this change would only thrive. Smart Work is the endgame game, where the workforce could operate independently of time and place.

Millennials very well understand that the constant pressure at work and subsequent burnouts to meet deadlines is taking an irrevocable toll on their physical and mental health but with no proper solution in sight, they are left exhausted and astray. It’s a two-way process where both parties need to have equal participation and not just the individual alone. Meanwhile, where organisations evolve to incorporate the work-innovation methodology, people need to find a solution that would solve their problems at hand, today. And so, they are looking for avenues that would strike a better work-life balance than metros.

Factors like less pollution, more greenery, and even lesser time to commute to the workplace lower crime rate, cost and ease of living make them a plausible choice and that is why many millennials with their brimming ideas are heading towards Tier-2 cities. Jaipur is one such place. If we dive a little deeper, one will notice a subtle change in the quality of life one lives. If you live in a healthy environment it is proven and natural to have a better IQ, health, and rank higher in the happiness index. The more time one has at their hands, the more time and effort one could put in pursuing recreational activities, in areas of their interest and spare time to communicate with their family and friends.

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We ensure the new joiners with us have all the help they need to settle down like helping them find a location to settle down in, providing for their meals in our office canteen among other things.

During 2008, like any other millennial, I faced a challenge when I couldn’t find anything in the market that could help me express what I felt for my mother and make the mothers’ day special for her. My search for something indigenous and personalized led me to build Indibni along with Ankit as my co-founder. A place that was more than just a company but people, who would create something of value. A place where people would be comfortable to share any issues may it be on a personal or professional front without any hesitations.

Today we have three branches flourishing from the same tree and our products like sustainable Seed Rakhi’s and wellness initiatives like Pehla Sukh, really make us proud to be a part of something very significant to the society:

Every company has a philosophy around which it operates and evolves. At Indibni we believe in वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम i.e., the whole world is one family. We are striving to create a workspace that feels like home where people get a sense of individualism and a collective purpose at the same time. Initiatives like Seed Rakhi and Folk Fusion reflects how closely we work with local communities, turning the consumers to co-creators. Initiatives like ‘No-Screen time’ for all at particular time slots during the day at work, eating together, mediating and encouraging the same across the company, helps the employees come together talk to each other and spend some quality time with each other discussing lots of ideas etc. During WFH the company encouraged online play, showcasing their talent in either field helped the employees also stay motivated. These small initiatives have made the company one of the sought-after work places besides this they have also ensured through small measures in place none of their employees and other staff had to loose their jobs.

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The company is less about a company but more about its people. An indigenous design company, the three I’s in the company INDIBNI represent our vision and commitment towards making the country a self-reliant one, treating innovation as a discipline which impacts the individual and through its three verticals- Indigifts, Indibaat and Indifamily, they strive to enable millennials to communicate their relations by creating and resonating stories through gifts, content and others. More importantly this is a company which is being run by people of different cultural backgrounds who bring along with them a different creativity and design sensibility with them.

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