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Twenty7 Inc. Celebrates Halloween with a Spooktacular Bash

Twenty7 Inc, a fastest growing PR Agency in Delhi, is delighted to announce its celebration of Halloween extravaganza, embracing the spooky spirit of the season in an eerie yet electrifying celebration on 31st October 2023 at its office.


3 Tips to Use eNPS in an Employee Engagement Strategy

The eNPS results of your company can not only help in developing engagement of existing colleagues, they can help you change the company culture to make the company more appealing to candidates.

Yoga sessions held at MyShubhLife office

MyShubhLife strongly believes in promoting a stress-free environment for its employees and undertakes several such activities strongly believing that employee well-being is a top priority, and yoga provides a holistic approach to that.

Employee Appreciation

Creative Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Companies that prioritize employee appreciation by recognizing and acknowledging employees’ hard work and contributions enjoy the benefits of improved teamwork, stronger employee loyalty, and enhance overall company performance…

Raj Diamonds celebrates Mother’s Day in a unique style

Every woman’s journey to motherhood is beautiful and every mother is unique in her own way. She needs to be cherished throughout the year for the selfless love and dedication in keeping family always ahead of her.”


Indira IVF Leaps to Provide Fertility Perks For Indian Corporate Employees

This is one of the first initiatives collaboration taken by an infertility treatment provider to deliver fertility care to corporates in India by increasing access to treatment, and bringing to the fore the importance of incorporating fertility treatments in the country’s healthcare initiatives.

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5 Tips for HR To Throw An Amazing Party for The Employees

Throwing a party as an HR professional is about keeping a good balance between maintaining your company’s integrity and ensuring that employees get a chance to relax. Therefore, to ensure everyone has a great time being around each other, there are specific tips you can follow.

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7 Simple Things Businesses Can Do To Empower Employee Productivity

As the backbone of the company’s quality, investing in your employees is critical. You can increase your employees’ productivity by providing them with high-level skill sets, opportunities for creativity and engagement, and work-life balance.

5 Best Practices for Driving Employee Engagement-amazing-workplaces

5 Best Practices for Driving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement turned out to be the only magic elixir that is both possible and, to some extent, quite cost-effective. Following employee engagement best practices isn’t as easy as slicing butter with a hot knife.

Employee Engagement and Increased ROI-amazing-workplaces

Employee Engagement and Increased ROI

Employee engagement power packs individual performance in an organization, but do companies with more engaged employees’ race ahead of those with a less-engaged workforce?

5 Ways to Use Video to Improve Employee Engagement

It’s no secret that videos are becoming more and more popular. This is all because video content is engaging in ways that other types of content just can’t. If you’re looking for a way to improve employee engagement at your company or organization then you need to start using video!

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Empowering employees at KPMG

  Ekta Capoor, editor in chief, Amazing workplace’s interview with Unmesh Pawar, Partner and Head, People, Performance and Culture at KPMG in India KPMG (Klynveld Peat


Role of Artificial Intelligence in employee engagement

AI has the power to help organizations become even more people-centric and help them in creating happier employees, reducing bias, enabling more valuable programs and allowing more time to focus on people development.


5 Employee Engagement Team Games

Team Engagement games can as well be called as Team Building Programs as they constitute a process of building a team of individual employees into a strong team with immense performance and enhanced social relations.

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Driving Employee Engagement In The Media Industry

Engagement drives behavior and it’s a proven fact, the more empowered employees feel, the more engaged they tend to be, not just in their jobs, but executing and ensuring quality output.

Culture is the backbone of a happy workforce at FIS

Company culture is vital to any organization. It influences almost every aspect of a company. From employing top talent to refining employee satisfaction, it is the backbone of a happy workforce.


10 Fun Ways to Show Employees You are Thankful

Employee appreciation is a vital factor when conversing about employees. Showing your employees that you’re grateful to have them takes more effort than expected. It can be done by sincerely appreciating them also an employee appreciation can also be turned into a fun event. 

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Mantra for Amazing Workplaces

Role clarity, positive work culture, workspace wellness programs, nurturing talent and ensuring benefits for those who perform well are just some of the ways to ensure employee satisfaction and long-term retention.

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Employees drive the culture & experience

Employees play a key role in bringing along a wealth of experience and knowledge. You need to provide them an environment to share their learning and experience by providing an external perspective about the best practices implemented in other organizations.

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Employee Engagement is an outcome of what we do

We always believe that employee engagement is an not an activity but an outcome, the sum total of whatever we undertake to do. Thus, to engage the workforce, you have to improve engagement in every sphere of what you do and what you are BROTHERS employees people culture blue collared ekta capoor interview

Achieving near zero attrition rate at

“Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” We firmly believe in this philosophy and therefore make significant efforts to invest in our employees.

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Employees are part of a team that is managing the company

Almost 70% of our total cost is incurred on employees. Retaining good employees is critical to a company’s growth and the best way for employee retention is to continuously invest in their training and growth.

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Why Having Fun at Work is Important

Having fun at work has multiple benefits. It increases productivity, builds camaraderie and enhances employee loyalty. It also reminds people of their value to their managers, their organization, and to each other.

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Why You Should Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is an unofficial holiday observed on the first Friday in March. As the name suggests, it is a day designated especially for companies to thank their employees for their hard work and effort throughout the year.

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10 personality traits of disengaged employees

If you care about your organisations’ health and well being, it is important to identify disengagement at your workplace and address it timely. So how do you know if employees are not engaged?


Let’s Build Amazing Workplaces

Becoming an amazing workplace is imbibed deep into the DNA of the Company’s culture and is a message that every employee silently conveys and displays in his attitude and passion at the work place.