“Virtual Works” a Hybrid and Flexible WFH package by YesssWorks

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YesssWorks redefines workspaces with ‘The New Normal’ creating opportunities for companies and individuals to work remotely

Mumbai, 24th Sept 2020: With the current pandemic situation, the Indian workspace is going through a huge transformation with the dawning era of shared virtual workspaces. Observing the revolutionary shift, YesssWorks Spaces Pvt. Ltd. one of the leading co-working spaces has introduced Virtual Works, an innovative Hybrid package aimed at empowering companies, entrepreneurs and teams while they work remotely.

Virtual Works helps MNCs, MSMEs, Entrepreneurs as well as Freelancers to work flexibly with solutions such as The Daily Pass to work out of any location, hourly Meeting Room Credits that allows members for a hassle-free booking experience and Mail Handling services for official purposes.  It allows the current workforce of any organization to be geographically dispersed as well as to be on-the-move as per the demands of the job.

Mihir Shah, Co-founder, YesssWorks Spaces Pvt. Ltd, said, “Today’s Millennials and Gen Z employees are seeking options that help them work real-time and untethered. Amidst the pandemic, people are facing challenges like distractions at home, unavailability of right infrastructure (high speed internet, printer, desk space) and lack of social interactions. With a significant loss in employee productivity, companies are looking towards exploring a “Work near Home” option – allowing employees to work remotely out of shared spaces while having access to effective office infrastructure. It will also benefit businesses operating from small towns, looking to setup a professional address or have a footprint in larger cities/ metros as their central business districts.”

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YesssWorks Spaces has introduced 3 budget-friendly Virtual Works Packages starting from the range of INR 999 onwards. Moving away from its offline registration to online, YesssWorks Spaces has enabled its Whatsapp facility for easy and convenient booking. The co-working space is operational in all its 4 commercial hubs at Pune and Mumbai.

For booking please call/whatsapp on – 93247 47356

For more information, please visit – http://www.yesssworks.com/

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