Vantage Circle Launches its first AIRᵉ Benchmarking Report (India) Aiming to Enhance Effective Employee Recognition



Curated from 135 companies, the AIRe benchmarking report throws light on India’s recognition landscape, serving as a vital tool for organizations aiming to enhance their recognition strategies


New Delhi, India, May 2023: Vantage Circle, a leading global employee engagement platform, announced the launch of its first AIRᵉ Benchmarking Report (India) (2023-24) at the SHRM Tech Conference & Expo 2023. The report is based on a survey of over 150 organizations across India and aims to provide insights into the current state of HR technology adoption and implementation in India.


The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the challenges the organizations face in implementing effective recognition programs and outlines best practices for measuring the success of such programs.


It is based on extensive research and insights from over 135 companies in India. It offers practical advice on how organizations can design and implement recognition programs that not only boost employee morale but also drive business results.


“We are very excited to launch the first edition of our AIRᵉ Benchmarking Report (India) at the SHRM Tech Conference & Expo. The report is a result of our efforts to understand the current state of HR technology adoption and implementation in India. We believe that this will be a valuable resource for HR professionals as they seek to benchmark their organizations against their peers and drive HR transformation in their organizations.” quoted Partha Neog, CEO and Co-founder of Vantage Circle


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