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The Business Case for Love: How Companies Get Bragged About Today

the business case for love


Love it? Hate it? Or, just don’t care? How we feel about something dramatically affects how we interact with it. When we feel, we care. When we care, things happen.

Companies that are thriving, not just surviving, are much more than a set of ruthlessly efficient and mechanistic processes – they are a social system operated by people for people. The quality of relationships, both inside and outside the organization is a far more important driver of sustainable success or failure than the quality of its control systems. The head is important, but it is the heart that matters most.

If you want your customers to be brand ambassadors and your employees to brag about you to their friends, you need them to not just think you’re great – you need them to feel you’re great. You need them to love you – and for that, you need them to feel that you love them.

For over a decade Marc Cox has been helping companies whose toxic cultures, miserable employees, and angry customers have all but destroyed them to rebuild their company spirit, discover the business case for love and build an organization that is wonderful to work for, brilliant to do business with and has the mindset of creating memorable employee and customer experiences.

Underpinned by fresh insights and perspectives, robustly tested and refined by the real world experience of working with a wide range of companies and over 2,000 senior executives drawn from all parts of the world, and filled with fascinating and illustrative “love stories” the book will help you to make the business case for love. It will help you to find a more rewarding and invigorating way of working – both emotionally and financially.

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Authors Note:

Building a strong Company Spirit based on love requires a revolutionary philosophy and leadership style. The blinkers need to come off and a new way of thinking embraced. Those leaders who are stuck in their ways will find this a challenge. Those who are curious and seeking fresh insights and perspectives will find this essential reading and should feel invigorated by my book. Today’s successful leaders understand that companies who are loved by their customers are dynamic, resilient and successful. They also know this starts on the inside with their employees loving their company for its values, sense of purpose and beliefs. They work to create trust and to nurture and protect the culture this creates. They understand that sustainable success or failure depends on the quality of relationships both inside and outside the company. They want to be the brand you brag about to your friends. They want you to love them. This is the philosophy and approach I call The Business Case for Love and I hope those who read it truly ‘love’ it.

In short, it shows what happens when the love is put back into business.

  • Book Title : The Business Case for Love
  • Book Subtitle : How Companies Get Bragged About Today
  • Authors : Marc Cox
  • Copyright : 2020
  • Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan
  • Topics : Business Strategy/Leadership



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