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Tagbin Empowers Strategic Vision with Appointment of Ambika Bhaik as Chief Strategy Officer



Delhi, 22nd July 2023 : Tagbin, India’s leading pioneer in experiential technology, has announced the appointment of Ambika Bhaik as its new Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). This strategic move aims to revolutionize the company’s trajectory and propel it towards unparalleled growth through a visionary approach. With a relentless commitment to inclusivity and a focus on bridging gender disparities, Tagbin is set to redefine industry dynamics under Ambika’s exceptional leadership.


Ambika Bhaik’s illustrious career and remarkable insights make her a valuable asset in shaping Tagbin’s strategic direction. Renowned for her ability to navigate crises and seize untapped opportunities, she consistently translates her expertise into measurable outcomes. Having held pivotal roles across diverse organizations, she possesses a profound understanding of holistic risk management, process automation and strategic planning and execution.

As former Vice President at Barclays and Head of Global Control Testing Function at Fidelity International, Ambika has displayed exemplary leadership, driving strategic decision-making and overseeing teams at the highest levels. Her invaluable expertise will now be harnessed to chart Tagbin’s future growth trajectory, steering the company to unprecedented success.


Commenting on the new appointment, Saurav Bhaik, the company’s founder and CEO, said, “We are pleased to welcome Ambika Bhaik to our team as CSO. Ambika’s arrival marks a significant milestone in our journey towards creating a more inclusive and diverse organization. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives and voices are essential for driving innovation and achieving extraordinary results. Together, we will break barriers, challenge norms, and create a workplace where everyone can thrive. We look forward to the invaluable contributions Ambika will make in driving Tagbin’s success and solidifying our position as a leader in the industry.”


In her new role as Chief Strategy Officer, Ambika Bhaik will play a pivotal role in optimizing operational excellence, leveraging her profound market knowledge and customer insights. With her strategic acumen, Tagbin is poised to achieve breakthrough results and bolster its position as an industry frontrunner.

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Sharing her vision for the future, Ambika stated, “As Chief Strategy Officer at Tagbin, my focus will be on developing initiatives that drive the company’s growth in today’s competitive market. Coming from a company with a strong process-driven foundation, I understand the importance of strong risk management, optimising operational efficiency and harnessing the power of data to fuel growth. I am excited to contribute my expertise to propel Tagbin’s expansion.”


Tagbin, a tech-experiential company with cutting-edge experiential technology solutions, has been raising the bar for creative and immersive experiences. They have established themselves as industry trailblazers with an emphasis on augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive installations, and IoT solutions, allowing companies to engage and fascinate audiences like never before.


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