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5 Ways AI Will Transform Hiring In 2023

Role of AI - artificial intelligence in hiring

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize employee and employer experiences in a variety of ways. From recruiting to talent management, workplaces are increasingly embracing AI technology for better and quicker outcomes!

6 Ways Businesses are Using AI in Human Resource Management

Ways Businesses are Using AI in Human Resource Management

It seems the business world is finally catching up with the times, and HR technology is coming out at a rapid pace to keep up. Hiring technologies are revolutionizing the hiring process and making it a better process for all involved.

The Role Of AI In HR: Main Prospects And Risks

Artificial Intelligence

As in many other areas of business, artificial intelligence with machine learning and predictive analytics, big data, and facial and voice recognition help in HR. The most important for HR are the technological innovations that can help accelerate the process of searching and selecting suitable candidates.

International Hiring Trends in Healthcare for 2022

Healthcare Hiring Trends

According to the World Health Organization, there will be a need for 18 million more health workers by 2030, particularly in low and lower-middle-income countries. With the growing demand, job seekers can apply for more healthcare jobs suited to their interests, specializations and skills.

Implementing Automation in Human Resource Management


HR automation can make these mundane tasks more manageable by using software to digitize or automate repetitive/time-consuming tasks. In addition, it allows the team to focus more on strategic tasks to improve business processes.

SHRM India announces the 8th edition of its Tech Conference in May 2022


The theme of this year’s conference is GAME ON and this is expected to be the largest gathering of HR experts and Business Leaders. The conference will deep dive into the latest from the world of WorkTech – right from the best of technology solutions to the most path-breaking ideas from the leading ‘TECH’ minds

How to Cultivate an Adaptable Workforce

Workforce Adaptability-Velocity-Global-Amazing Workplaces

Workplace adaptability is a soft skill that can take years to master, but there are simple ways you can encourage yourself and your employees to become more adaptable to change. Read on for tips to becoming more adaptable. 

Emergence of pre-assessed resumes

TimesJobs survey-Emergence of pre-assessed resumes-amazing-workplaces1

A conventional resume – no matter how impactfully written – can never tell a recruiter about a candidate’s skill strength and his industry benchmarking of those skills. Hence the need for resumes that state industry-validation and benchmarking of skills to clearly tell about a candidate’s expertise in one skill v/s the other skills.

Hintsa Performance Acquires GRASP HR

Annastiina Hintsa, CEO of Hintsa Performance and Ed Beccle, Co-Founder of Grasp-amazing-workplaces1

Image Credit:   “Corporate wellbeing needs a next-generation, digital-first approach to reach millions”   London, 11 October 2021 – Hintsa Performance, a global leader in human high-performance coaching, has acquired Grasp, a mentoring platform co-founded by 22-year-old serial entrepreneur Ed Beccle alongside Henry Costa. By combining Hintsa’s highly personalised coaching services with Grasp’s digital-first approach, the company aims to […]

Qandle : HR Tech Platform building connected, empowered, and engaged workplaces

L-R Mr. Himanshu Aggarwal, Co-founder and CTO & Mr. Chayan Mukhopadhyay, Co-founder and CEO_Qandle-amazing-workplaces

  Tech & HR are inseparable. Almost like all other spheres of business, tech has disrupted the way HR functions. Qandle is one such company that is helping Human Resource professionals handle their functions seamlessly through the use of technology. Qandle has leveraged technology to develop a modular and extremely flexible solution for organizations looking […]

Role of Artificial Intelligence in employee engagement


AI has the power to help organizations become even more people-centric and help them in creating happier employees, reducing bias, enabling more valuable programs and allowing more time to focus on people development.

Using Technology to Create Amazing-Workplaces

Rohit Thakral, CEO, Target Integration, Amazing Workplaces

When clients choose Target Integration, they get more than just a single product or a rightly integrated suite. They are assured commitment to constant refinement and to improve their experience.

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