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10 Impactful Questions for a Better Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Exit interviews unveil vital insights into employee experiences, guiding strategic improvements. This article explores the significance of these interviews, offering ten impactful questions to enhance workplace dynamics and foster a positive environment.

Twenty7 Inc. Celebrates Halloween with a Spooktacular Bash

Twenty7 Inc, a fastest growing PR Agency in Delhi, is delighted to announce its celebration of Halloween extravaganza, embracing the spooky spirit of the season in an eerie yet electrifying celebration on 31st October 2023 at its office.

5 tips on how to improve mental health in the workplace

Are you asking yourself how to improve mental health in the workplace and prevent mental illness or mental health issues that can affect your employee’s life and job satisfaction? Here are 5 tips on how to improve mental health in the workplace.

Rethinking and Reinventing the Workplace

rethinking and reinventing the workplace-amazing-workplaces

While we are rethinking and reinventing the workplace, efforts should be made to address concerns of those who prefer WFH. New ways of interactions will need to be thought through for them – internal and external.

7 Tips for creating a positive employee experience

Susanne Drews-website-featured-image-tips for creating a positive employee experience

EX is the creation of positive work experience and the perception of such from the workers perspective. To say it in a few words: In Employee Experience we work with feelings and hopefully most of the time they are positive.

Employee engagement in a remote working ecosystem

Jay Umaria-HR_Website Featured Images-StepSetGo

  Contributed by: Jay Umaria, HR, Manager, StepSetGo Work from home has been our new normal for a while now and maybe so for the foreseeable future.  However, while we’ve all been able to now assimilate to our new circumstances, it’s been a journey of discovery and change for organizations across the globe.  Keeping the […]

Driving Employee Experience at CDK Global (India)

CDK Global, employee engagement, HR Head

While the basics of driving employee experience will not change even in these challenging times, there is an all-time need now for building psychological safety as a hygiene factor. Guest Author : Mr. Joy George, Head – Human Resources of CDK Global (India)

Fall in love with your job at Zomato


What if loving one’s job was the norm? For employees at Zomato, that is becoming a reality. In February 2019, Zomato took one of the top slots in LinkedIn’s fourth edition of 25 most amazing places to work in India. The list reveals companies where Indian professionals want to work and stay, based on ‘LinkedIn insights,’ […]

Why Having Fun at Work is Important

employee experience - having fun at work - happy employees

Having fun at work has multiple benefits. It increases productivity, builds camaraderie and enhances employee loyalty. It also reminds people of their value to their managers, their organization, and to each other.

What are Amazing Workplaces?


The ideal organization is aware of dominant currents in its culture, work habits, dress code, traditions, and governing assumptions but, makes explicit efforts to transcend them.

Let’s Build Amazing Workplaces


Becoming an amazing workplace is imbibed deep into the DNA of the Company’s culture and is a message that every employee silently conveys and displays in his attitude and passion at the work place.

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