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Vaccination drive for employees & their family members by ADP India

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ADP, a leading provider of Human Resources Management Software & Services, has started a vaccination drive for all its employees and their families, free of cost. The program will feature the Covishield vaccine as per the government set guidelines on the vaccination eligibility on age and time gap between shots.

Providing Learning & Hope to COVID Hit Professionals

Providing Learning & Hope to COVID Hit Professionals

Edtech Board Infinity has launched a campaign #TakeChargewithBI with the objective of instilling hope, updating professional skills, and learning through new courses to transform their roles and associated with many business leaders across India to offer pro-bono career coaching sessions and career guidance to students and working professionals affected by the pandemic.

COVID-19 vaccination for all employees and their family members by ADP India


  Hyderabad, 30 March 2021:Taking a step further to ensure better healthcare facilities for its associates, ADP India has announced that it will sponsor the COVID-19 vaccines for all its employees. ADP considers associates, as well as their family members, a part of its extended family, therefore including them – children and parents of the […]

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