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Terms & Conditions for Amazing Workplaces® Assessment & Certification

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you confirm that you are legally authorized to represent your organization as stated in the application details provided by you in the application form. You also agree with the following:

1. Certification Eligibility Requirements

The Certification Assessment package includes one(1) Certification attempt. To participate in Certification, Company must:
1.1 Must be a registered Company
1.2 Have 20 or more country-based full-time employees (do not include per diem, temporary or contract employees).
1.3 Ensure that the survey is accessible online to all employees.
1.4 Receive enough Survey responses to meet the Certification threshold with 5% margin of error at a 95% confidence level in the results.

2. Certification

2.1 Once Company has completed all the required steps, should the average of all questions of the Amazing Workplaces® Assessment meet the Certification threshold, Company will be awarded the designation as Amazing Workplaces® -Certified. Companies selected for The Amazing Workplaces® are selected primarily based on their employees' responses to the Amazing Workplaces 9 Pillar Framework Survey which is a proprietary employee survey developed by Amazing Workplaces® . The specific criteria and methodology for this is managed by and at the discretion of Amazing Workplaces® and is subject to change.
2.2 Certification is valid for 12 months from the date awarded (“Certification period”). Companies awarded Certification can use the Certification badge, on all outgoing mails, collaterals, merchandise, etc. during the Certification. The files for these would be provided in required formats.

3. Integrity of Our Selection Process

Amazing Workplaces® will not consider personal relationships, gifts, or any other influences (or attempted influences) in the selection of Company for Certification. Engaging with Amazing Workplaces® for any services (e.g., PR, Consultation interventions etc.) does not help Company obtain Certification. Evaluators involved in the assessment process sign non-disclosure agreements and are screened for potential conflicts of interest.

4. Confidentiality: Data, Materials, and other Company Information

4.1 Amazing Workplaces® will securely hold your organization's information given to it and will not sell or trade company data or contact information to third parties.
4.2 Amazing Workplaces® may recognize your organization in different categories during the certification period on the basis of your organization's best practices submitted through the assessment process.
4.3 Amazing Workplaces® may also publish various lists and reports, citing examples of your organization's best practices submitted through the assessment process, so long as they agree with the terms of positive recognition. The same would however be subject to prior written consent received from your end.
4.4 Amazing Workplaces® reserves the right to get in touch with the employees responding to the employee survey in order to check the authenticity of the process and the veracity of the employee responses.
4.5 Amazing Workplaces® will only provide Company data to approved media and research “partners” who have been authorized in advance by written agreements with Amazing Workplaces® for purposes of developing and publishing a list and/or related findings. This data may include selected data points gathered in the survey assessment and employee comments. This would however be subject to prior written consent received from your end
4.6 Amazing Workplaces® may use aggregate data to publish reports, articles, research, or books in the future if required. The same would however be subject to prior written consent received from your end
4.7 Amazing Workplaces® may cite examples of Company’s best practices in presentations and speeches, media interviews, articles, and other communications in accordance with the Positive Recognition Guidelines. The same would however be subject to prior written consent received from your end
4.8 This Agreement does not apply to any information of Company that
(a) is or becomes available in the public domain or
(b) becomes available to Amazing Workplaces® on a non-confidential basis from a third party

5. Positive Recognition Guidelines

5.1 Positive Recognition will be provided to Company named in publicity and findings distributed by Amazing Workplaces® and its media partners. Company will not be negatively critiqued for its efforts, policies, programs, or practices.
5.2 Company consents to the publication of the Amazing Workplaces® Profile created by Amazing Workplaces® as applicable, including the publication of any information, any Company logos or trademarks, or any photographs or graphics, that have been submitted to Amazing Workplaces® by Company or its employees in order for Amazing Workplaces® to evaluate Company or prepare a Amazing Workplaces® Profile.
5.3 From time-to-time Amazing Workplaces® may enter into agreements with third parties for publication of the Amazing Workplaces® Profile in print and other forms of media. The same would however be subject to prior written consent received from your end.

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