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Social Chain AG – A Perfect Culture At Its Competitive Edge & Advantage!


Image Courtesy : The Business Desk

Name of Company: Social Chain AG

  • Number of Employees: 250+
  • HO Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industry: Social Media Marketing

Brief Introduction of the Company

In the world of e-commerce, Social Chain AG is a rising star. It gives brands a wide range of opportunities to explore in the marketplace and create their unique brand image. The creative team of more than 250 experts brings their genius together and executes disciplines for social media marketing.
Social Chain AG avails varying services that go from branding to marketing – and help reshape the world of digital marketing. At Social Chain, you will see that the employees’ work reflects on how they care for each other in the organization’s internal workings.

Social Chain AG encourages innovative and ingenious ways to approach the culture and values established in their company. This shows clearly in the output delivered by Social Chain AG’s in the marketing of several businesses, some of which are products of the company itself, like – the Social Chain, a social publishing house.

The Company has also launched GLOW, the Beauty Convention, which was quick to become the largest of its kind in Europe. Social Chain AG has steadily risen to fame and has continued to excel on many grounds. This is possible due to its relaxed and fun workplace, where employee individuality is respected and output for sophisticated social media marketing solutions is also maintained.

Company’s Best Practices!

People who have worked in Social Chain AG talk about its relaxed workplace, which is highly important for employees. Without perseverance, mental health, and peace of mind, it becomes nearly impossible to continue working for the same company. The goals become blurred, and one starts to lose sight of what is truly important.
Social Chain AG gives leeway for all employees to have their own time and explore their abilities to get away from that suffocating feeling of being restraint that most companies have.

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This company wants the employees to unlock their true potential and indulge in far more creative and innovative solutions that will benefit the customers and the company in the same light. The hiring process for employees involves more of the individual’s attitude and orientation towards the company’s culture, and not merely their technical skills.

The fun environment of Social Chain is what many youngsters look for, when they are searching for a workplace. It is has become increasingly popular amongst the Gen Z, and Millennial era people to have their own autonomy, and independence. This allows people to write more subjectively about themselves in their CV and include their opinions, ideologies, and values.

What to expect from Social Chain as an employee?

It has been established that Social Chain AG has a relaxed and fun workplace environment. But is that simple enough for an employee to enjoy working? The liberty to have their sense of freedom, and have more creativity and ingenious, innovative ideas, is something availed in Social Chain.

This allows employees to know more about their potential and explore their capabilities in their own time. Some of the most important things you can expect from Social Chain AG are:

  1. Unlimited Holidays

It would be best if you had your own time, that is a given. It can become hectic to keep working and working, even in the most relaxed of all workplaces. That is why at Social Chain, we offer you a vacation for as long as you need. One needs their own time to reset their cognitive functions and relieve some of their stress.

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Social Chain believes in giving their employees this time to grow and explore their individuality.

  1. Flexibility

Whether you want to work from home or the office – you have free reigns over this decision. It would help if you gave out output, and how you work for it depends on your flexibility of working environment and the time you are willing to give for the job.

  1. Pocket Money

Now, this may sound very childish, but that is simply because of how it’s been termed so here. In reality, it refers to the incentive provided to each employee for their general being that is not included in their salary. This helps the employees not live on the edge and have extra savings when they need.

  1. Growth and Development

Social Chain allows all its employees to present their ideas and opinions without being ridiculed. This helps them understand where they can improve themselves and what they are doing right. Employees indulging in such an open-minded environment will feel comfortable developing and honing their skills ingeniously and becoming a more resourceful part of the organization.

  1. Communication

It is apparent in the Social Chain how one is performing. The mandatory Friday meetings, which everyone attends, through offline and online means, allow people to communicate more openly. This helps people in the workplace encourage one another and understand the values of one another. Gradually, it results in a shared sense of culture celebrated in the workplace of Social Chain AG.

Should you work at Social Chain?

In simple words, yes. Social Chain will be the perfect workplace for you if you prioritize the result rather than the process. The independence and flexibility you will get in Social Chain as an employee will allow you to unlock your inner potential and bring out more of your abilities.

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You will be allowed to work however you want, and wherever you want—with the company’s terms for the generic 9 to 5 working hours.

At Social Chain, you will have your peace of mind and feel relaxed enough to not give haphazard output in a fit of stress. You will have your personal space and enough time for a vacation to reset your inner system if you get stressed out. When you work at Social Chain, your well-being and mental health will be the top priority.


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