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SHRM India kick-starts ‘SHRMI Tech23 Conference and Expo’



Successfully commences the two-day conference in Hyderabad


Hyderabad, 11th May’23: SHRM India, the world’s largest HR organization, opened the ‘SHRM Tech23 Conference and Expo’ today at HICC Novotel, Hyderabad. The two-day conference to be held on 11-12 May, is envisioned to unravel the latest in WorkTech for the overall betterment of workplaces. The theme of this year’s conference is – ‘Quantum Shift’ and is expected to host more than 120+ speakers, 500+ CXOs, 4000+ HR & tech leaders who will attend over 60+ Sessions of more than 20+ learning hours.


Speaking on the inauguration of SHRMTECH23, Ms. Achal Khanna CEO, SHRM India, APAC & MENA said, “It is a delight to host this year’s SHRM India Tech Conference and Expo. Understanding and keeping up with the latest innovations in the world of tech is need of the hour. We as HR Leaders must look for the ways of incorporating technology at workplace and capitalizing on it. ‘SHRMTECH23’ is specially designed to build a platform for HR leaders to meet and discuss the various trends and innovations in the sphere of work-tech. The inaugural day of the conference was beyond our expectations. SHRM India is thankful to all the attendees and speakers for making this a huge success.”


Jennifer McCollum’s keynote session on ‘Quantum Shift: The Evolving Expectations of Leadership at the SHRMI Tech23 Conference and Expo highlighted the challenges faced by leaders in today’s dynamic and complex environment. McCollum stressed that leaders need to be more empathetic, agile, and responsive to employee needs to build a resilient and adaptable workforce. Moreover, McCollum highlighted that technology is rapidly transforming the workplace, and leaders need to embrace it to drive innovation and increase efficiency. She also cautioned against overreliance on technology and emphasized the importance of balancing technology and human skills.

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The spotlight session on ‘Attracting the Right Talent in a Competitive Market’ by Mr. Ankit Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Unstop, at the SHRMI Tech23 Conference and Expo focused on how technology is changing the recruitment and hiring landscape. Aggarwal explored innovative ways to leverage technology to improve hiring decisions and support organizational strategies. Aggarwal emphasized that organizations need to adopt a data-driven approach to recruitment and hiring to attract the right talent in a competitive market. He discussed the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies to automate and streamline recruitment processes, from sourcing to screening to selection.


A Powertalk – ‘Future People Agenda’ by Mr. D Shivakumar Operating Partner, Advent International Private Equity emphasized the importance of collaboration and effective evaluation of people to prepare for the future of work. He discussed how automation and AI are rapidly changing the nature of jobs and the skills required to perform them. He highlighted that while technology can improve efficiency and productivity, it is important to balance it with human skills and empathy to create a sustainable and inclusive workplace.


In a Power Panel discussion – ‘Winning Tech-nique: Maximizing the C-Suite Advantage’, Sandipan Chattopadhyay, CEO & MD, Xelpmoc Design & Tech and Sushil Baveja, CHRO, Jindal Stainless, and Tarun George, CEO, Tata Insights and Quants – A Division of Tata Industries Limited discussed how building organizational capability and high-performing cultures around continual improvement to prime the business for growth opportunities is the core theme of the leadership team. They discussed why human capital-related strategies should be prominent in CEOs’ plans and to amalgamate CHRO and CTO as a key business strategy of the organisation.

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Ruchee Anand Senior Director, Talent & Learning Solutions, LinkedIn in her spotlight session on ‘Generative AI in Recruitment: Beyond What Meets the Eye’, discussed how generative AI can be used beyond conventional talent acquisition to improve recruitment marketing, omni-channel communication, hyper-targeted messaging, and automation. She emphasized that while these new-age hiring tactics may seem simple, they are not easy to implement and require a strategic approach.


In a power talk, ChatGPT and the Future of Work, Jaspreet Bindra, Founder Director, Tech Whisperer  described how generative AI is being compared to smartphones, information search, the Internet, or even fire as one of the most impactful technologies ever. It has been a few months since ChatGPT was released, and it has already started to have an impact on many aspects of life and work. Also, he discussed how Generative AI could influence work in terms of jobs, new ways to work, AI replacement, collaboration, and creativity.


Stephen M R Covey Co-Founder, CoveyLink & FranklinCovey in his closing keynote session ‘Trust and Inspire to Unleash Greatness’ discussed how Technological advancements and their consequences, both intended and unintended, are rapidly evolving to improve human efficiency. As long as technology serves people and society as intended, it can have far-reaching benefits. These outcomes, however, cannot be taken for granted. At futuristic workplaces, trust and ethical conduct are essential to ensuring employee safety, quality, and equity.


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