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  • Name of Company: Salesforce
  • Number of Employees: 56,600
  • HO Location: San Francisco, California, US
  • Industry: Software
  • Website:


About the Company!


Salesforce, a cloud computing business based in San Francisco that sells customer relationship management (CRM) tools, has appeared on several tops “Best Workplace” lists in recent years. Their CEO, Marc Benioff, is a proponent of equal pay for equal work for female employees.

He has been able to close the wage gap between men and women and between men and women of different races and ethnicities by allocating roughly $8 million (at the time of writing). When it comes to instilling principles in his organization, Benioff sets the tone for the rest of his leadership team to follow.

There is little doubt that leadership has a significant impact on the company’s overall culture. To ensure the authenticity of the company’s fundamental values, they must be promoted by everyone in a leadership position.

Marc Benioff, Salesforce’s CEO, does an excellent job at embodying the company’s fundamental values. It’s made him one of the world’s most popular CEOs. This is demonstrated by the fact that 97% of his staff approve of his performance as CEO.


Company’s Best Practices & Culture!


Ohana Spirit


According to the company’s website, founder Marc Benioff got inspiration for Salesforce in 1999 from the traditional Hawaiian concept of what it means to be “family” and how families are connected to one another and accountable for one another. Members of Salesforce’s Ohana, which is described as a “deeply seated support group we establish within our company,” include customers, partners, and community members.

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Throughout Salesforce’s history, the company’s values have been instilled in its employees: “collaborate, take care of one another, have fun together, and work to leave the world a better place.”

All Salesforce employees are treated with respect, and the firm makes a concerted effort to ensure that all employees are recognized and rewarded. As a result, Benioff has articulated a clear vision for the company’s culture that both leaders and employees can follow.

Everyone who works for Salesforce has a responsibility to live out and uphold the organization’s core values, which include “trust,” “customer success,” “innovation,” “giving back,” “equality,” “wellness,” “transparency,” and “fun.”

The company’s leadership team empowers employees by creating an employee experience that reflects their values and aims. Salesforce’s culture of putting people first enables the company to extract more value from its employees than any other company in the industry.


Philanthropic Spirit


For today’s working youth, the potential to give back to their community is a big reason for them to pursue their careers. Due to the increasing significance that Salesforce has placed on philanthropy and community service within its culture, the firm has successfully involved its Millennial and Generation Z employees in initiatives to improve communities across the world.

It is known as the “1-1-1” paradigm, which refers to their approach to philanthropy as a whole. As a way of giving back to the community, 1% of Salesforce’s equity, 1% of its software, and 1% of its employees’ time are all distributed to deserving organizations.

As a result, Salesforce has been named the most acceptable place to work globally for its commitment to giving back. According to’s social responsibility website, more than $240 million has been donated in grants, 3.5 million volunteer hours, and product gifts to more than 39,000 non-profit organizations and educational institutions since the company’s founding.

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Learning & Development


Salesforce is committed to the training and recruitment of future employees through several different programs and initiatives. A few projects that emphasize equity for everyone include computer science teaching in K-12 schools, recruiting high school students, and training for thousands of veterans and their spouses.

It is unfair that far too many people from underrepresented and marginalized groups are denied employment opportunities despite their brilliance, desire, and ability to learn. Salesforce is cooperating with other organizations to assist underutilized talent in developing their social capital, finding meaningful jobs, and achieving financial success in their careers.


Diversity Equity Inclusion


Salesforce views equality to be a core principle. They think that businesses can serve as solid platforms for social change and advance Equality for All in the workplace. Instilling a culture of equality is not only the moral thing to do, but it is also the intelligent thing to do. It gives us the ability to innovate, form deeper relationships with our consumers, and, eventually, create a better organization.

Salesforce seeks to build a workplace that represents the varied communities in which we live and work and in which everyone feels seen, heard, respected, and empowered to achieve their goals. We have a lot of additional work ahead of us, but we can work together to achieve a more equitable workplace and an equal world.


Benefits and Compensation


What’s the use of having a great work environment if you also have a great job? This is a significant triumph for the workforce. Even though salary and perks are important in any job search, they are of little value unless the company has an authentic and friendly culture. Listed below are some of the specifics about compensation and benefits that are frequently brought up on Glassdoor:

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Salesforce is well-known for having a rich compensation plan that includes bonuses and stock options, among other benefits. Pay is displayed on Glassdoor based on your work title and experience. It is possible to view the entire benefits package on this website, which is an excellent method to promote your company’s employer branding.

In my opinion, Salesforce’s kitchen, in particular, is deserving of special note. It appears that a considerable number of employees appreciate the wide variety of food and beverages available! I’ve visited Salesforce’s offices a few times and can vouch for this.




Overall, Salesforce is a terrific platform that sets a high bar for enterprises worldwide, particularly for its partners in the SI and ISV industries. It’s relatively uncommon for people to designate one of their career objectives as working for Salesforce, and it’s easy to see why when you look at their achievements, company culture, and benefits package.

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