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Onsurity Launches India’s first HealthCare Credits Program for Startups

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Image : Kulin Shah, Co-founder and COO at Onsurity


Delhi, 22nd December 2021: Onsurity, an employee healthcare benefits platform, is launching the first of its kind health benefits credit program for startups – Onsurity Edge Credits Program. The program is designed to empower startups by offering their employees a health benefits membership with HealthCare along with wellness benefits. Startups who opt-in for the credits program will receive up to INR 25,000 credits which can be redeemed to buy comprehensive healthcare plans for employees.


Onsurity, which is India’s 1st subscription-based employee healthcare platform for startups and SMEs, has firmed up plans to reach more 10,000 SMEs through this program, covering over 1 lakh lives, in next 12 months.

In the current startup ecosystem, most startups need to focus on growth hacking in the initial stages of scaling. As a result, they are left with no capital to support their growing team’s health and wellness. Onsurity’s Edge Credits Program is a perfect fit as it steps in to fill in the gap and add momentum in the growth of startup ecosystem without compromising on their team’s health.

Talking about the Onsurity Edge Credits Program, Kulin Shah, Co-founder and COO at Onsurity said, “We are thrilled to launch a credits program taking us a step closer towards our vision of ‘Gift of Health’ to expedite comprehensive, affordable healthcare benefits to the ones who need it the most: start-ups and their workforce. ‘Gift of health’ resonates with us as this aligns with our vision to provide affordable  healthcare for all – start-ups, SME’s and enterprises. This mechanism will have a catalytic effect on start-ups in their initial stages who do not have the bandwidth in time or money to create their own employee welfare program at an affordable budget. It will help these emerging businesses in saving on their working capital and at the same time ensuring that their employees are looked after.

Having been a start-up ourselves we understand the invaluable benefits and motivation that this unique gift of health can bring. This program could be a game changer in the growth curve of every start-up, and we want to ensure that they get this advantage to move ahead.” he further added.

While the government is making reforms to address the financial issues that slowed down the growth of startup ecosystem on a macro level, Onsurity Edge is giving Indian startups a 360-degree healthcare relief system. Designed for teams as small as 3 people, the program is available for all full-time and part-time employees along with contractual staff with a wide range of healthcare benefits ranging from group health and personal accidental insurance for members, discounted online medicines and health check-ups, free doctor teleconsultations, free health & wellness live sessions and more.

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The program allows entrepreneurs to manage their employees’ health seamlessly with its self-serve platform, eliminating the need for extensive paperwork and HR processes.


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