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On International HR Day, Ajay Bhatt, GM-HR, BL Agro Industries Ltd shares his learnings during the pandemic

On International HR Day, Ajay Bhatt, GM-HR, BL Agro Industries Ltd shares his learnings during the pandemic

On the occasion of International HR Day, Ajay Bhatt, General Manager-HR, BL Agro Industries Ltd shares his learnings during the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic turned the workplace on his head a year ago. These difficult times have made many businesses struggle to keep their doors open and find ways to keep their employees safe, secure and productive. In fact, the days ahead will continue to present significant challenges for the HR. Businesses are getting more and more dependent on formulating and implementing effective employee policies that can keep their workforce motivated and productive during the pandemic.

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The global Covid-19 scenario has created various mental, physical and financial complications for the people all over the globe. Companies have to rely more than ever on their HR departments to ensure their workforce feels as safe as possible during this unprecedented time. Suddenly the importance of personally knowing and understanding your people has been realized. When you know them, it becomes easier to communicate as emotional factors gain prime importance during such times.

During the pandemic, it is natural for the employees to become very concerned about health issues. Therefore, ensuring regular attendance at manufacturing operations, like ours, is a tough task for the HR Team. That too while taking care of all the health issues and hazards involved. Spending time with your team, understanding their fears and reassuring them about organization’s people-friendly HR policies has been an important factor in this pandemic.

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How to Reward & Recognize employees while they work from home?

Certainly, motivation is a key driver to effective employee performance. And, organizations achieve this through rewards and recognition of outperforming employees. However, in the wake of the pandemic, HR managers across companies and geographies are confronted with the question of how to effectively reward and recognise their employees while they work from home.


With guidelines and information from government and health authorities coming as well as changing rapidly, there has been a need for the companies to quickly react to the changes and at the same time communicate continuously with their employees.

At lot of places, companies have moved to remote working and unfortunately this was not by their choice. This has brought in a major systematic as well as cultural change with which the HR has to deal with. Here again productivity depends on the trust between employees and the organizations.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that if you are working with strong employee friendly policies and  systems, you can manage this type of situation without letting it impact the productivity. Whatever be the challenges of the pandemic, if you are able to ensure high motivation levels of your employees, the organization can sail the tide.

Guest Author : Ajay Bhatt, General Manager HR, BL Agro.Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh based, BL Agro Industries is one of the fastest growing edible oils and food products company in India.


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