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Neelesh Marik joins iThrive Board of Directors



India, January 5, 2023: iThrive, health and wellness startup has announced the appointment of Neelesh Marik to its Board of Directors. Marik comes with 30 years of experience in established blue-chip start-ups across a wide array of products, including consumer and industrial. His expertise spreads over the service sector in a variety of industries like consulting, technology and education. The body of work also involves working in businesses and NGOs in multiple geographies like Asia, Europe, America, and Australia. He has experienced and handled all stages of industry cycles from growth and maturity to decline.


Neelesh has 12 years of transdisciplinary research and study across philosophy, social sciences, psychology, complexity & spirituality, with a total immersion in Integral Yoga for the last few years. Being a Yoga Practitioner in commercial and spiritual space, Neelesh aligns perfectly with iThrive values and principles.


“Working with iThrive is an opportunity to take healing to its fullest and highest expression. Association with the company’s mission creates an environment wherein one’s spiritual development can become the most effective tool for advancing human consciousness, and delivering a world-class healing service”, says Neelesh Marik, Board Member, iThrive.


Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and Founder, iThrive, said, “I am really excited about Neelesh coming in as a board member. He carries a wealth of Corporate Experience from all the organizations he has worked with and immense Spiritual Wisdom as an integral Yoga practitioner. iThrive, since its inception, has been a spiritually driven organization, and having him on the board and as a mentor aligns beautifully with our spirit of Healing and Beyond.”

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Neelesh Marik holds a strong academic record, gaining Bachelor of Technology from IIT Bombay and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from IIM Bangalore.


Professionally, he has coached and mentored many executives, including CEOs, Start-up founders, Professors, NGO heads, and HR Heads. He turned around a globally dispersed start-up business within 18 months, building marketplace visibility along with cutting-edge productized solutions. His success in this particular case enabled him to wear many hats as he developed a strong client franchise, and a unique position in the digital content management arena.


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