Is Canada a good destination for hiring a dedicated software development team?



Are you considering hiring a dedicated software development team? Have you considered looking for a dedicated team of developers Canada? Some people may think that you are absolutely crazy when you say that you want to use Canadian developers. However, there are many reasons you should consider looking for dedicated team development Canada. In this article, we’ll be looking at Canada as a software development destination of note.


Hiring a dedicated software development team in Canada

Finding a dedicated development team in Canada may not seem like the obvious choice for many companies. India, China, and Eastern Europe are very well-known destinations, and Canada rarely makes the list of top offshoring destinations. But there are many reasons why Canada is a great outsourcing destination when you need developers for a project.


The advantages when you hire a development team in Canada

Many US companies are looking for a Canada dedicated development team for hire, so much so that the government has been initiating work permit programs to encourage more developers from the US to meet the demand for IT professionals in the market. The country is committed to the industry and bringing in many projects and initiatives to encourage more students to become software developers.


If you are in the US, Canada is a great destination. It’s a neighboring country that speaks the same language as the US, and their cultures are very similar, which means that Canadians and Americans tend to work well together. Sometimes when you work with developers in other nations, there’s a disconnect or cultural misunderstanding, e.g., Chinese developers tend not to ask questions or participate in meetings led by superiors, while some European nations are very outspoken, even if they are junior. This can be difficult for US teams to understand or navigate.

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While Canada isn’t as affordable as China or Romania when it comes to hiring developers, it’s still more affordable than hiring US developers. The average annual salary of a US developer is around $68,000 per annum, but in Canada, it’s closer to $42,960. That way, you can save at least $25,000 per developer while investing in further projects.


Canada and the US also share some time zone similarities, which makes it easier to work together. While you may not always be in the same time zone, there is enough overlap so that you can collaborate together or pass tasks off to each other.


The disadvantages when you hire dedicated development team in Canada

There are downsides to hiring a development team in Canada as well. In reality, there is a huge demand for software developers in Canada. Positions in software development will grow 21% from 2022 to 2028, which means this market is highly competitive. You’ll be competing with many other companies for the same talent.


The cost can also be a disadvantage. The average developer earns around $42,960 per year, but it can go up to $77,000 or higher for more senior roles. Developers at the same level in countries like Romania or Ukraine might earn a fourth of that salary.


The types of roles popular in Canada

Canada has invested a lot in growing software development and training new engineers. Some of the skills you can recruit for in Canada include:

  • Software engineers, a general role applicable to a number of industries;
  • Development Operations Engineers, a multidisciplinary job that requires a mix of hard and soft skills as DevOps engineers must manage teams;
  • Software architects who conceptualize and oversee the execution of a business vision;
  • Full Stack developers that work on both the front and the backend of an application;
  • Front-end developers that work on everything the client sees on the front end of a website;
  • UX designers that ensure that everything the client touches works as it should and provides a pleasant experience,
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If you need to hire a dedicated software development team, Canada is a great destination, especially if you are a US company. Consider the pros and cons and find the right outsourcing agency to help you, and you’ll be well on your way. If you think that cons are too significant for your business, especially rate-wise, there might be some better options for you. After all, you can hire a dedicated development team in Romania, China, India, Ukraine, or a number of countries that have cheaper rates.


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