Interweave Consulting brings Rainbow Tales—an evening of pride & inclusivity on 14th June to celebrate spirit of LGTBQ+community in India



Bengaluru, 9th June: To celebrate the spirit of LGBTQ+ community and sensitize people on the challenges faced by its members, leading diversity consulting firm Interweave Consulting is all set to host Rainbow Tales– An evening of pride and inclusivity on 14th June at Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Domlur, Bengaluru from 5 pm onwards. The evening will witness individuals from all walks of life coming together to raise awareness and demystify perceptions and biases around gender identity and sexuality. The unique event will provide an inclusive platform to the members of the community to tell their stories through various experiential performances in a fun and engaging way. 


In this regard, Founder & CEO of Interweave Consulting Ms. Nirmala Menon said,” We strongly believe that building an inclusive society where every individual feels welcomed, accepted and safe cannot happen without active engagement of all. This event is one of our several attempt to bring everyone under one roof, highlight the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ community and promote empathy, understanding for a more equitable and accepting future.” 


Aimed at cherishing the lives of the members of LGBTQ+ community, the event will feature a unique performance ‘Dance with The Queens—A dance medley’ by Dancing Queens which is India’s first transgender dance troupe. The performers will display the life of transgender community and will highlight stigma faced by sexual and gender minorities in the country through a mix of folk dance, Bollywood tribute and dance drama.


The event will also host accomplished poet & writer Rohini Venkatesh Malur who is also one of the founding members of All Sorts of Queer (ASQ).  Through her performance titled ‘Eerie Queeries- Navigating the barriers between real and normal’, Rohini and four queer poets will explore  the lives of the queer community.

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Adding a pinch of humour through his act ‘Live and Gay’, comedian Navin Noronha who is India’s first openly gay comedian will talk about queer dating, his challenges of coming out as gay, finding love and acceptance of different identities and sexualities in India. He will be joined by host and standup comedian Joshua Trott during the act.


Alex Mather, who is one of India’s popular drag artists, will present ‘Thaalam’, a theatrical play. Through this performance, Alex aims to tackle the stigma surrounding the LGBTQ+ community and empower people within the community and outside it to speak up against the abuse. Thaalam is a theatre play where the characters are played by three drag queens and a drag king. The central theme of the play will revolve around a queer family and the importance it serves in a society that shuns queer people. The performance will integrate Bollywood, South Indian and pop numbers and hopes to deliver the message among the audiences.


 Interweave, which is at the forefront of building an inclusive society in India believes celebrating the lives of LGTBQ+ people with events like Rainbow Tales can help create education, awareness and ignite a transformative dialogue for a positive change.  


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