Integration Wizard Solutions offers Innovation and Collaboration for employees to grow



  • Name of Company: Integration Wizards Solutions Private Limited
  • HO Location: Bangalore
  • No. of Employees: 78
  • Website :


Brief introduction about the company:

IW was founded by Kunal Kislay, Saquib Khan & Kumar Raman in 2014 with the aim to provide enterprise landscape with endless possibilities. Today, IW has 3 platforms providing leading solutions to enterprises globally.

IRIS, an enterprise AI platform, is our flagship product providing leading solutions in Computer Vision AI. Silverline & Silverline MDM are the platforms providing enterprise mobility and mobile device management solutions.

Currently, IW provides bleeding edge solutions in Industrial Health & Safety, Retail, Petroleum Retail, Manufacturing, Warehouse & Logistics and Security in over 21 countries, deployed in 6 different languages.


About the company’s best practices:

At IW, we have always focused on growing together and creating a work culture where everyone is equal. Equality is coded into our company culture. We are unbiased and so is our pay scale. Simply put, we are an equal opportunity workspace.

Our collaborative approach towards work makes everyone feel open and welcomed. This is reflected in the exchange of ideas, problems and solutions, thus, providing everyone with the opportunity to grow.

Our goals are clearly expressed across our teams with an open and communicative management style. Employees are encouraged for individual pursuits of upskilling, with them being offered development and training programs.


What should employees look forward to:

We are a fast-growing company with a niche in cutting-edge technologies that offers some wonderful work benefits.

Collaboration: Everyone here is committed to a positive work environment where we share ideas, support each other and celebrate our success.

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Innovation: Ideas are always encouraged. If someone has an idea for a new product or service, the firm is listening. Anyone can bring forth ideas for consideration.

Hands on Tech: We constantly push the boundaries of our products as well as our abilities. Get hands-on experience of working on cutting-edge technology with our own GPUs and drones.

Room to Grow: Learning is an integral key to every role. Opportunity to learn, not just on the latest technologies and languages, but also build your interpersonal skills.

Mentorship: Work with some of the most talented and experienced techies as they reshape the future of technologies.


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