I Know: A Practical Guide for Awakening to What’s Within and Finding Work‑Life

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Life is full of surprises, even your pet can help you make a fresh beginning. As so very beautifully elucidated, we need to internalize the inspiration and shift from Belief in the Outside to the Knowledge within.


The Book, “I Know” by Michael S. Seaver is a realistic guide to help you find your true being caught up in the myriad of self-doubt and procrastination, and is not one which is too complex to either comprehend or emulate, but on the contrary being explained with real life case studies makes the discourse relatable and achievable too.



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“I Know” is what stems from a deeply felt personal account of Michael’s experiences that has the potential to help many to recover from loss, overcome fear, achieve emotional release and its purview is not just individual based but works on Corporate level too, working on brand, leading an engaged team and also enhance your ability to mentor team mates.

As Earth migrates from the Age of Pisces, which was an age of hierarchy, power and belief on something external to the Age of Aquarius therein the focus is networks, decentralized information and knowing that life’s answers lie within oneself, we shall see redistribution of power from hands of few to hands of many.

The Self-Assessment tools in this book, shall help you understand yourself better which in turn shall allow you to identify areas which need your efforts, on your quest for becoming a better version of yourself.

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Michael has written a book which not just shows you the way, it shows how and why it shall be all worthwhile in the end.

It teaches you to unlearn wherever needed and enrich your being by connecting with your soul like you have never done before.

Stop externalizing your beliefs and search for answers, read this book and you will realize, the answers were all within, you just needed to dig deep enough to see them.

Book Title : I Know
Book Subtitle : A Practical Guide for Awakening to What’s Within and Finding Work‑Life
Authors : Michael S. Seaver
Publisher : Michael S. Seaver
Topics : Emotional Mental Health

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Review Credits : Dr. Prashant K. S. Chauhan, Director Operations, Centre for Sight Group of Eye Hospitals

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