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  • Name of Company: HubSpot
  • HO Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
  • No. of Employees: 3,387
  • Website:


About the Company

HubSpot has been named in the Fortune 100’s Best Places to Work in 2019, which is rightful because the company encourages a lively and engaging work environment. The main focus of HubSpot lies in its company culture, which has helped them to establish the Culture Code that has seen enormous success around the globe.

The HubSpot Culture Code has initially been a document within the company, which values transparency and the growth of employees. HubSpot made it available to the public with the notion that it would be advantageous to the entire world.

HubSpot began as a software company; today, it has grown into an asset to endow the public with workplace culture.


About the best practices of the company

The Culture Code established by HubSpot prioritizes people who wish to grow and excel in providing resourceful services for their customers. There is a sense of passion shared mutually amongst every person in the workplace HubSpot. The employees’ good judgment and problem-solving skills result from their HEART, which is an abbreviation for – Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, and Transparent. These facets of an employee are polished at HubSpot. They have been within the workplace for a long time and can deliver resourceful results.

HubSpot has built a culture- a shared set of beliefs, values, and passions- that works better than any incentive. When people working at the same place start acknowledging the similarities and differences between them, it increases their understanding. This sort of mutual understanding leads to a healthy work environment where every individual is respected, and their opinions and ideas are heard without bias. Company Culture encourages the establishment of a unified vision, one goal set for the company to achieve – which all employees work towards achieving.

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Business Insider featured the concept of HubSpot’s Culture Code, highlighting how HubSpot was also placed 3rd in being the top places to work in, as written by Glassdoor. These accomplishments are all a fruit of workplace practices where neither the customer’s nor the employee’s satisfaction is sacrificed. In terms of customer experience, HubSpot focuses primarily on customer satisfaction, further providing a successful venture with HubSpot services.


What to look forward to as an employee?

The Culture Code by HubSpot emphasizes a shared vision, values, beliefs in the workplace to create a healthy and welcoming environment. The idea began as an internal document, where they wished to think of Culture as a product and truly create something ingenious that could enhance their workplace relationships.

The result was a slide deck that was consistently edited and updated. The Culture Code is a 128-page deck, with information on what Culture truly is, in the sense of a workplace, and how one can achieve it.

  1. Culture

The HubSpot Culture Code is not famous in the business industry, where workplaces are looking into the emergence of Culture. This follows the factors of transparency, shared values, vision, beliefs, and passions. Culture allows employees to relate to each other even in the face of diverse demographics and clashing opinions. Because in a healthy workplace environment created via Culture, every individual’s views are respected to reach the one vital goal set for the company.

The emphasis is on customer satisfaction rather than primary happiness. It also focuses on the employee that develops problem-solving tactics and ingenious solutions to appease the client.

  1. Learning & Development
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Learning is never enough and never stops. HubSpot allows its employees to continue learning as they grow and work. This will enable them to better themselves and achieve their personal goals as effectively as they strive to achieve their goals.

A good workplace should never stunt the growth of an employee – because the priority should always lie in their development as a person, not just a work liability.

  1. Flexible

A flexible work schedule allows employees to work on themselves, become more efficient, and enjoy their independence as an autonomous entity. This, in turn, results in them being more immersed in work and produce results that the company, the client, and the employee will be satisfied with.

  1. Independent of Hierarchy

Hierarchy in a workplace should have no other purpose than the division of work. HubSpot relies on this message strongly and does not allow any employee’s position, or sub-manager, to affect how decisions are made, or ideas are accepted.

Every individual involved in the project has the same liberty to propose creative ideas as growth-minded thinkers and have the equal opportunity of being taken based on competence.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

This is something that HubSpot took up with its initiative of The Culture Code. This 128-page deck is now in the public domain for other businesses’ greater good. The social responsibility to ensure that all businesses thrive on creative and humane practices is something that HubSpot has looked forward to taking up.


Why you should you work at HubSpot?

Your perceptions and opinions on what you require from a workplace depend on your personal decision; However, if you are looking for an organization where there is flexibility, autonomy and ample challenges, Hubspot is just the right place for you. Hubspot believes that its people create its culture and provides the best opportunities to its employees to ensure sure they’re supported and empowered to do their best work in the environment that they feel best in. HubSpot will allow its employees to achieve personal goals and discover new ones. It will enable individuals to explore themselves and their ideas, increasing their potential capabilities.

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