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How to Cultivate an Adaptable Workforce

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Being adaptable means embracing change and being able to thrive even when things in your life are thrown off course. At work, this can also mean keeping your cool in the face of organizational changes like personnel shifts or expansions. Unfortunately, over half of American workers experiencing organizational workplace change are faced with stress, putting their work on the backburner. 


If you and your employees have trouble facing workplace change now, don’t fret. Workplace adaptability is a soft skill that can take years to master, but there are simple ways you can encourage yourself and your employees to become more adaptable to change. Read on for tips to becoming more adaptable. 

The Benefits of Workforce Adaptability

Workforce adaptability can decrease stress levels, upping productivity and the overall wellbeing of your workforce. As adaptable employees are happier and more likely to see career success, this can benefit your company’s overall performance. An employee’s ability to thrive in ever-changing conditions will prove them as a valuable asset to your company. 

How to Help Employees Build Adaptability Skills

Change is inevitable, which is why helping employees to improve their adaptability is best. This will cultivate an overall better workplace environment for all employees. Here are a few ways you can help your employees adapt quickly and build adaptability soft skills for the future.

Keep Them In The Loop

Be upfront about any changes happening around the office. Encourage your employees to ask questions about anything they may not understand about the change. This will keep them feeling more comfortable with the situation. It will also help them not shy away from the topic of change in the future. 

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Encourage Communication

Encourage your employees to communicate with each other. Employees having friends around the office can make a huge difference in how they adapt to change, and can also help them feel seen and heard. They will have someone to get through the change with. 

Be Positive

Positivity from the employer will rub off on the employees. In times of stress, such as big office changes, a positive mindset can make a huge difference. Focus on informing your employees of all the positives that upcoming changes will bring, rather than how it could be stressful. Shifting the office mood to focus on the positives of the company rather than the negatives can teach employees the soft skill of positivity that will help them with adapting to change in the future. 

Encourage Mindfulness

Providing your employees with mindfulness sessions and encouraging them to practice mindfulness can teach them coping skills to deal with change and the stress that comes with it. Joining mindfulness sessions with your employees can also lead to you being able to address some of their concerns when it comes to change. 


Adaptability is all about rolling with the punches without losing your focus. Teach adaptability soft skills to your employees so that when a huge change occurs they have the skills to keep pushing forward with no disruptions.




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