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Hirect India’s new film depicts the journey of all job aspirants



Hirect is celebrating the journey of job seekers through their campaign “Mai Ban Gaya, Tu Bhi Banjayega” of the #Beyond Hiring series.


Bangalore, 4 April 2022: Hirect, the chat-based direct hiring platform has rolled out the second campaign of the #BeyondHiring series ( celebrating the roller-coaster journey of job seekers from their struggle to get a job to later becoming successful in life.

The film revolves around the journey of a job aspirant who is trying to get a job after completing his/her studies. The story is narrated in the form of a poem that explains the never giving up spirit of a candidate who struggles after college to get a job placement to work his way up in life by overcoming all the tough circumstances, and external distractions through dedication, and perseverance.


Abhishek Singh, Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Hirect India said, “The campaign is an out of the box initiative by the in-house team. The film portrays the determination, passion, and perseverance of a candidate towards getting a good job and making it big in life. Hirect’s constant endeavour is to understand the pulse of the jobseeker and to help them with the right job opportunity to make it count in life. With such a solid insight the campaign “Mai Ban Gaya, Tu Bhi Banjayega” was born.”


The journey to success is a bumpy road that requires the best effort and better guidance. The film highlights how a candidate brustles through these hurdles to climb up the step to success. Hirect thus aims to become an enabler and be a part of the job seekers’ professional growth in helping them gets the right job opportunity and to help them grow professionally in their life.

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Hirect bridges the gap between a job seeker and recruiter; it narrows down the search for the end-users to deliver the best output. Most importantly the entire platform is based on an AI algorithm, ensuring that all the companies listed on the platform are authentic and there is no chance of fake hiring. The AI also ensures to matches the need of a job seeker and hiring managers to avoid confusion.


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