Hirect #BeyondHiring salutes the spirit and perseverance of HR Professionals

Hirect celebrates the unsung heroes at the workplace with the launch of the campaign #BeyondHiring


Hirect is celebrating the unsung heroes at the workplace with the launch of the campaign #BeyondHiring on the occasion of International Women’s Day


Bangalore,8 March 2022, Hirect is elated to launch the campaign #BeyondHiring (She the Boss! | HR Karte hi Kya Hai? | #BeyondHiring | Hirect – YouTube), celebrating the spirit of HR professionals who work relentlessly and contribute to the growth of an organization.


The film of this campaign depicts a typical working day of an HR professional. The film exhibits how an HR professional juggles multiple roles without even experiencing a single pinch of qualm. Through the video, Hirect aims at sending a message to the fraternity by admiring and appreciating all the HR professionals’ tenacity, dedication, perseverance, and grit.


HR professionals have more roles than hiring or implementing fun aversive strategies. By the very own terminology of the profile, HRs represent the employees and work on creating a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for the team as it’s the only way a company can grow. Unlike the misconception, HR roles include vital roles such as work culture gatekeeping, employee retention, employee relationships, resolving disputes, and understanding each teammate’s boundaries and responsibilities. A company without HR lacks management at its core; hence, the film is an eye-opening experience that will help you empathize with HR’s intricate and crucial role.


“Through the film, we are honoring all the visionary, dedicated, and hard-working HR professionals who are working relentlessly to establish an excellent organizational culture and team. This is our way of saying thank you to all the HR professionals who contribute directly to the organization’s growth by staying behind the curtains.”, stated Mr. Abhishek Singh, Senior Vice President-Marketing, Hirect India. “Hirect applauds the zeal of all HRs’ and wants to let them know that they are valued, and their efforts are not going unnoticed.”

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