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Gore-Tex: Where Integrity, Teamwork, and Innovation Unite!


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  • Name: Gore-Tex
  • Number of Employees: 12,000+
  • Location: Newark, Delaware, US
  • Industry: Clothing Retailer


The Company’s Genesis


Gore-Tex, the esteemed clothing retailer headquartered in Newark, Delaware, has a compelling tale to tell. Back in 1959, the GORE-TEX saga commenced when Bill and Genevieve Gore embarked on a remarkable journey, birthing a company within the confines of their Newark, Delaware home. This marked the inception of the illustrious Gore family legacy.

Bill’s encounter with the immense potential of the synthetic polymer PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) was pivotal. In 1969, their son, Bob Gore, uncovered a groundbreaking revelation. It paved the way for the development and commercialization of the GORE-TEX membrane. The rapid expansion of PTFE gave rise to expanded PTFE, or ePTFE, a resilient microporous material boasting a plethora of valuable attributes. Seven years post-incorporation, the company celebrated its maiden sales of GORE-TEX fabric.


Innovating for the Present and Future


Gore-Tex’s commitment to innovation knows no bounds. Just as they did in the past, they are driven to explore novel and imaginative avenues to facilitate active lifestyles. Be it any season or weather condition, the GORE-TEX membrane and allied technologies offer solutions to keep people in motion.


A Distinctive Work Culture


Within the confines of Gore, an aura of enthusiasm surrounds the company’s mission and the contributions of each Associate. The term “associate” resonates deeply, embodying not just employees but valued business partners. The unwavering dedication of every employee to the company’s objectives, coupled with seamless collaboration through a lattice of communication, stands as the cornerstone of the company’s sustained growth and triumphs. This framework liberates individuals from conventional hierarchical constraints, enabling them to nurture personal and professional growth and synergize their unique talents and perspectives to surmount challenges and accomplish goals.

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The joy in their work is palpable. Gore’s endeavors touch the lives of a diverse spectrum of individuals, from firefighters and outdoor enthusiasts to commuters and cardiac patients, among others. Each day, they stimulate and empower their employees to contemplate innovative applications of their cutting-edge materials for the betterment of people’s lives.


Championing Diversity at Gore


At Gore, the intrinsic worth of every individual is celebrated. The commitment to impartiality and equality, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious background, or any other facet of personal identity, is unwavering. Recognizing the potent synergy that diversity brings, Gore embraces individuals with varied experiences and perspectives, amplifying their collective prowess to make judicious business decisions.

The caliber of Gore’s Associates sets the company apart as an enterprise. Over six decades, an amalgamation of diverse opinions, skills, and experiences has propelled them forward. They remain resolute in their mission to be an accomplished organization where every Associate can excel, regardless of their location.

Gore’s Associate networks are volunteer-driven self-organized entities that collaborate to offer networking opportunities, foster growth, provide training, and facilitate career advancement. Across the global Gore workplaces, support is extended to groups representing African-American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American communities, as well as individuals of all ages, diverse cultures, persons with disabilities, and individuals across all genders and age groups. Their services encompass orientation for new recruits to imbibe the Gore culture and values, sponsorship to aid advancement and expansion, and development programs tailored to diverse backgrounds.


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Balancing Work and Life, Gore Style


Gore recognizes the multifaceted demands on its employees beyond the workplace. Consequently, they offer an array of solutions to facilitate a harmonious work-life balance. These include internal training, continuous education, external educational opportunities, adoption support, and a suite of other services. Gore’s enduring priority is acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of its Associates, as they reap the rewards of their accomplishments.


Leadership and Collaborative Synergy


Gore defies the conventional hierarchical structure, embracing a unique lattice framework where Associates interact freely. Within this structure, leadership is organic, rising from merit, skill, and the ability to inspire and assemble followers. This framework clarifies expectations and responsibilities, fostering accountability and collaboration among team members.

Direct communication is paramount to success within Gore’s interconnected lattice, eliminating the need to traverse through layers of hierarchy. This informality distinguishes Gore as a workplace where individuals are empowered to unlock their maximum potential, both individually and collectively.


Personal Accountability, Integrity, and Commitment


Associates at Gore are held to high standards, encompassing personal accountability, unwavering integrity, dedication to excellence, and adherence to shared principles. The commitment to deliver on promises is steadfast, driven by an ownership perspective. Decisions are made with an eye on mutual benefit, seeking to enrich both Gore and the individuals involved.


In Conclusion: The Gore-Tex Experience


Gore-Tex seeks individuals who are not just enthusiastic about their roles but are self-motivated, dedicated, and willing to go the extra mile. Their belief in the power of enthusiasm and their faith in the passion of Gore’s Associates fuel their collective journey. Join hands with Gore-Tex if you are inspired by the prospect of making a positive impact on people’s lives through the application of cutting-edge materials. It’s not just a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of a legacy that continues to innovate and uplift.

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Gore-Tex stands tall as a bastion of integrity, teamwork, and innovation, forging the path for the future of clothing retail with each passing day.


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