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Future-Proof Your Career: Dive into AI Robotics

Marietta George

Marietta George

Marietta George, Chief of Staff at Niqo Robotics, brings 9 years of invaluable experience in the Human Resources industry. With a strong focus on managing end-to-end people operations, she has demonstrated expertise in driving impactful initiatives that foster engagement and deliver success. Her comprehensive HR leadership approach reflects her passion for creating positive organizational outcomes and cultivating a thriving work environment.


Let me start by addressing the elephant in the room – will AI Robots take over our jobs?  This fear of technology taking over human jobs has always existed. With the impressive skills of generative AI dominating the news cycle, this threat may feel more real than ever. AI and AI powered Robots are undoubtedly the future of work, but historically new technology has always created more jobs. So instead of looking at the future through the lens of surviving the AI Robotics revolution, let us subvert the narrative and understand why diving headlong into the world of AI Robotics can future proof your career. Getting an early start in this industry can give you a winning hand in the future job market. Here is the why and how.


Helps build a strong engineering foundation

One of the most exciting aspects of working in AI robotics is the ability to build things and witness products in action. From designing intricate algorithms to assembling physical components, engineers get hands-on experience with the entire development process. This tangible aspect of the work allows for a deeper understanding of the technology, enhancing the learning experience and facilitating continuous improvement. AI robotics is engineering in its purest from and the best way to build a strong foundation for a steady career growth ahead.


Enables horizontality

Building AI powered Robots for any application requires interdisciplinary collaboration across domains such as but not limited to Software, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. You are required to consult with industry experts and customers for whom you are building the solution. Working at an AI robotics company fosters strong inter-functional coexistence and coordination which nurtures horizontality and helps teams move out of their innate nature of working in silos. The interdisciplinary nature of this domain fosters collaboration, creativity, and diverse perspectives, leading to innovative problem-solving approaches. Horizontal learning in turn creates horizontal growth opportunities unlike other fields where lane switching becomes difficult as you mature in your career path.

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Be in the driver’s seat of transformation

AI Robotics has the potential to transform sectors, revolutionise industries and change the course of humanity in unprecedented ways.­ This field is at an inflection point where it is finding scalability through commercially viable real-world applications. Some of the applications like use of AI robots in agriculture, health-care, manufacturing and environmental sciences are poised to redefine the sector. Working in this field can put you in the driver’s seat for creating path breaking solutions adding unmatchable value to your portfolio.


Contribute to the greater good

With the world of AI Robotics there a lot of opportunities for using AI for social good. If you are seeking to be part of solutions that contribute to the greater good of the planet, then this field offers many options. For example, application of AI Robotics in agriculture is transforming traditional farming practices to become profitable, intelligent, highly productive, time-efficient, and sustainable, using real-time data-driven engineering and smart technology. This provides actionable insights at the plant level to the farming community enabling them to grow sustainably and profitably to feed an ever-growing population. Applications of AI Robots in healthcare, climate management and environmental protection are becoming integral for the future of planet. For those, who are looking to make a meaningful contribution, this is the most compelling field to be in.


Non engineering opportunities

AI Robotics is not just for engineers. With many companies in this sector scaling globally, many peripheral functions are becoming integral to the sector. Marketing, Talent Acquisition, Corporate Communication, Operations, Procurement are some the growth drivers needed for this field. As an emerging sector, you get to create playbooks from scratch and set the stage for these functions which can be career defining.

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Career opportunities in Robotics and AI are vast, rewarding, and in high demand. With the sector experiencing significant growth in recent years, professionals with the right skills can explore this field at any stage of their career. AI Robotics offers immense global potential, making it one of the top five highest-paying roles worldwide. With the right skills and passion, you can have a successful career in this field, making a significant impact. The opportunities are endless, and now is the perfect time to deep dive into the field of AI Robotics and future proof your career.


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