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  • Name of Company: 10pines
  • HO Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • No. of Employees: 80+
  • Website:


About the Company

Founded in 2009, this Argentine software company is established on some of the best workplace practices; and continues to hold onto them. 10pines wishes to create an environment in the workplace where everyone will be happy performing the tasks they are supposed to do.

10Pines has an agile philosophy based on core values and uses varying strategies to maintain it while working at the roots. 10pines provides its services for big brands like Starbucks, Claro, Burger King and simultaneously provides for startups.

The culture of 10Pines is based on growth and diversity, where they prioritize the happiness of the employees and therefore have a turnover of less than 5%. For comparison, the average turnover in this industry is about 25-30%.

10pines has been highly successful in letting its employees indulge in the sense of autonomy when it comes to making decisions and working. The management style established in the company is built on sociocracy grounds.In essence, 10pines believes in providing top-quality solutions for its customers, along with cutting-edge technology.

This can only happen when the human relationship dynamics within the company are healthy and well-respected. It has excellent practices, resulting in optimum engagement and meager turnover rates.


Company’s Practices!

10pines is highly involved in the agile philosophy of the world, based on values and principles. This sheds light on the roots of a workplace to create a workplace environment where everyone feels respected and heard. 10pines believes in enriching employees’ happinessand establishingsociocracy in the management style for employees to have autonomy in their work.

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The availability of independence allows the employees to enjoy their private time and helps them churn out better along with more creative ideas for high-quality customer solutions.

There is a sincere desire at 10pines to bridge human capabilities and join them with technical abilities. 10pines promotes a human-centric practice, leading to the employees as individual human beings. It allows everyone involved in the work to explore their own worth in terms of qualities, and produce ingenious solutions.

The prime focus of 10pines lies in its practice of having no bosses, no hierarchy, and no commanding superiors. All of the decision-making and division of work starts at the roots. Quite literally, the board where decisions are made is called Roots, and it involves almost everyone who understands the concept that 10pines is based on.

Roots are the primary source of information in the company, which is spread out amongst the Pines; now, Pines is a term used for everyone that works at 10pines, whether they are a part of the Roots or not. Anyone who is not a part of Roots is so because they are new employees and need time to grasp the company’s values; therefore, in essence, anyone who works at 10pines ends up being a part of the Roots.


What should youexpectfrom 10Pines as an Employee?

10pines is mainly known for its practice of ‘No Bosses.’This is not just a term associated with not having a boss, no. There are no adequately titled superiors, no hierarchy, and—as the name says—no bosses. 10pines has a board that is responsible for the decision-making process, and it is known as Roots.

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The Roots consists of almost all employees of 10pines; the employees are known as Pines, members of the Roots or not. The only people who are not a part of this board are newcomers and are yet to grasp the core values and principles of 10pines.

When working here, employees hold autonomy in their hands. With this autonomy, they can work without any restraints and explore their creative thinking abilities to provide for the customer andenrich their skills. More of what one can expect as an employee at 10pines is:



The values that are part of the agile manifesto of 10pines focus majorly on human growth and accommodating and appreciating diversity within the company. 10pines believes that everyone who works in the company should be a part of the decision-making process, as it affects everyone inone way or the other.

The aspect of consent, when it comes to finalizing a decision, is what matters the most at 10pines.

Learning & Development

10Pines gives a lot of emphasis on the aspect of growth. Not just of the company as a whole but also of the employee as an individual. When everyone is a part of the board that makes decisions, they get more room to see areas of improvement. Employees also get to learn more about the ideologies of their co-workers.

Diversity Equity Inclusion

As mentioned above, there is no one left out of the Roots unless they are newcomers who are unsure about its values. This means that everyone gets an equal chance of presenting their ideas and being individually opinionated when it comes to the decision-making process

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Rewards &Recognition

The Roots system is not just a term that flies around; every member has legal liability, and the salary of every member is known to the other. This allows all the pines to work harder for themselves and the company’s betterment.

A small group within the Roots, chosen by the Roots members regularly, decidesall the pines’ incentives and salaries. This allows open communication and equal opportunity for all to be assessed in a justifying manner when it comes to rewards and recognition.

Customer Support (if required)

The 10pines’ sociocracy allows it to have a shared sense of responsibility and ensures that all the employees respect its in-built autonomous system.


Why Should you work at 10pines?

10Pines avails autonomy for all employees in the decision-making process. For people who enjoy having control over what work they do and how they do it—given a relatively unanimous consent following it—10pines is just the place for you to work at. If the concept of ‘No Bosses’ is something you do not enjoy, then the high level of independence practiced at 10pines is most likely not suitable for you.


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