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Equal Experts: A Harmonious Blend of Flexibility, Opportunity, and Work-Life Balance

Equal Experts Culture-Best Practices

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Company Name: Equal Experts

Number of Employees: 1100+

Headquarters Location: London, UK

Industry: Software


About Equal Experts


Equal Experts, a global network of digital delivery experts, was founded by industry veterans who have weathered their fair share of challenges. Their extensive experience equips them with a pragmatic understanding of potential pitfalls. They excel in helping clients pose the right questions, evade common traps, and navigate intricate business problems successfully. Their esteemed clientele includes influential organizations such as the Scottish Government and the Association of Train Operating Companies, and they are an integral part of the ESP group.


Equal Experts specializes in crafting uncomplicated business solutions. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing full-stack software development and delivery, user research and design, continuous delivery, hosting, and support. Their vast network, comprising over 1,000 software consultants, combines both permanent employees and associates who have created software solutions for a multitude of public and private sector clients. Prominent names like HMRC, the Home Office, O2, Camelot, and major players in publishing, finance, and retail have benefited from their expertise. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to prioritizing the user experience, allowing them to deliver high-quality software swiftly and cost-effectively. They have earned the moniker “A firm of grown-ups,” serving as a sanctuary where experienced, proficient individuals can authentically express themselves and collaborate with like-minded peers to innovate and devise elegant business solutions.


Cultivating Culture at Equal Experts


Equal Experts thrives on a diverse community united by a shared mission and core values. They actively contribute to the network’s growth and foster an environment that empowers members to unleash their best work. It’s a place where people find themselves returning to instinctively.

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As their network evolves, they remain steadfast in upholding their core beliefs. These beliefs serve as the foundation for the company’s response to technical and delivery challenges and the continuous enhancement of the skills of their consulting teams. All teams working directly with clients adhere to the Equal Experts approach, as articulated in the Equal Experts team charter, underpinning their commitment to the network.


Learning and Development


At Equal Experts, the team acknowledges that they may not possess expertise in all domains, but they are confident in their ability to unearth answers. Accumulating experience does not imply omniscience but rather knowing where and how to acquire the necessary information. Their emphasis lies on the acquisition and sharing of knowledge, rather than hoarding it. Essentially, Equal Experts functions as a community of like-minded practitioners who openly and joyfully share their expertise and experiences.


Intrinsically, the curiosity of children and adolescents is a remarkable trait. Those who maintain this mindset throughout their professional journey and apply it to their work contribute significantly to the community. When welcoming new members into their network, they actively seek this particular attribute.


Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion


Equal Experts stands committed to the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion. As a global entity, they firmly believe that effective teams are composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and the most successful groups exhibit a rich tapestry of composition. They leave no room for unlawful discrimination of any kind within their workplace. Their aim is to create an environment that recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of every stakeholder, including employees, partners, customers, and suppliers. Any conduct contrary to these principles will be investigated and addressed appropriately.

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Despite being a multinational organization with personnel collaborating from various corners of the globe, Equal Experts acknowledges the disparity in demographic diversity compared to society at large. The technology industry, in particular, lags behind in diversity, and the IT services sector fares even worse. To bridge this gap, Equal Experts actively engages with organizations such as 10 Digital Ladies and Women Who Code, fostering a more inclusive network of colleagues.


Embracing Collaboration and Teamwork


Regardless of their individual abilities, everyone at Equal Experts aspires to be part of a more successful team. High-performing teams often surpass individual “superstars,” exemplifying that, as a team, they are greater than the sum of their parts. Every member of Equal Experts has something valuable to contribute, and all team members, regardless of their status, have an equal say in the decision-making process. The emphasis is on shared accountability and responsibility, where each member operates on an equal footing.


In Conclusion


Equal Experts places immense value on the willingness to share knowledge and experiences with others. Many return to the company time and again, with alumni forming a significant portion of their workforce, comprising both associates and full-time employees. By allowing experienced professionals to focus on their strengths, Equal Experts ensures faster and more cost-effective software delivery. Their selective recruitment process, which prioritizes experienced seniors, fosters an environment of reduced political maneuvering and increased room for innovation within the team.



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