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Enhancing employee experience through a great culture experience

Tejas Rathod

Tejas Rathod

Tejas Rathod is a young tech entrepreneur and a Co-Founder of Mobavenue Media Private limited. Tejas is successful in leading global, affiliate projects, building team and maintaining Network Relations.
work culture enhances employee experience


Recruiting the right talent at the right time is the top priority for enterprises today. Amid the ongoing war for talent, it is also a priority to acquire individuals who align best with the belief and culture of the organization.


In order to build a holistic team with coherent work culture, a business must prioritize the following:


Fostering an environment of Innovation & Creativity

Leaders should collectively nurture their work peers by using their innovative insights. In creating a friendly atmosphere leaders inspire and motivate others, making teamwork a part of the company mission. There are multiple platforms such as Coursera which enables industry-led upskilling courses for a future ready workforce


Keen Focus on Skilling and Re-skilling

Giving large-scale access to skilling platforms makes employee growth easy. This leads to consistent upskilling of the workforce and presents them with an opportunity to pursue and harness new abilities. For the growth of a firm, it is vital to upskill and reskill your workforce in order to understand their abilities, strengths, and shortcomings. Employee upskilling programmes should be implemented by enterprises in order to keep employees up to date with current market trends.


Cultivating a culture of team building

Hosting various engaging employee-centred activities such as Friday Fun Day and Team Meet Ups strengthens the team bonds and cultivates an ecosystem, of engagement and motivation. Organizations can also organize no-stress outdoor trips once a year with lunches, yard games, grilling, and sunshine to encourage spending quality time with the teams. Teams can further run campaigns revolving around “learn & earn’, to incentivise early completion of courses with amazon voucher, movie tickets and more, to instil motivation for learning and skilling among the workforces.

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Nurturing Employee Recognition

Employees may understand that their organisation values them and their contributions to the success of their team and the firm as a whole when they get recognition. This is especially important when companies expand and evolve. It helps employees feel secure in their worth to the organisation, which motivates them to keep doing an exceptional job.


Prioritizing Well-Being

Employee well-being is an important aspect of a healthy workplace and business. Companies that support employee well-being make it simpler for them to handle stress while still maintaining a happy and productive work environment. Employers should prioritise wellbeing, which is defined as a state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy, in order to truly build a more resilient workforce and rebuild the economy in 2021 and beyond. When our mind, body, and sense of purpose all work together, we can feel good about ourselves and content with our life. Moreover, extending policies such as accidental cover insurance, extended paid maternity leaves etc also help employees Businesses should view wellbeing as a measurable consequence, a concrete skill, and a key business input.


Avoiding Burn Outs

We all know that “Our employee time” is important. This is why it is of paramount importance to provide plenty of time to do the things employees love, including paid holiday leaves, paid personal days and birthday offs. Employees must be given enough space and time to heal and overcome the uncertainties surrounding them. Provisions of additional leaves such as compassion leave will enable the employees to create a balance and harmony within their personal and professional life.

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Demonstrating Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Apart from profits, a business should also focus on generating revenues that can be invested back into the business, fuelling growth. Maintaining a solid reputation with a focus on the expansion of business establishes a sense of enthusiasm and vigour amongst the workforces.


Navigating a Culture of Experimentation

In maintaining a competitive edge, the concept of experimentation and optimization is a must, as enterprises seek to achieve their business goals and gain optimal benefits. Experiments assist businesses in moving forward. When you create a coherent culture of experimentation, team members feel comfortable testing out new ideas and using a “test and iterate” approach to their daily operations, which promotes innovation, creativity and avoid stagnation.


Encouraging youth and enthusiasm

It goes without saying that our youth is our future. They have the potential to help businesses achieve remarkable things and do not shy away from challenges. A young and energetic team of enthusiastic professionals who believe in innovative strategies and out-of-the-box solution empowers the business to achieve more and stay ahead of the curve. Having a blended workforce that possesses the maturity and energy helps the organisation reach new heights. We are a testimony of this with average age of Mobavenue employees being 26 years and 65% of the workforce encompassing between 23-27 years, we have stayed ahead the curve over the years.


Developing a Sense of Belongingness

Employees must believe the organisation cares about them to have a feeling of belonging. Businesses must focus on collaborative activities that foster employee wellbeing, provide space for growth, nurture innovation, encourage building connections and follow through on commitments.

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