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SHRM Global Workplace Culture Report

As organizations seek to optimize their work environments, these findings emphasize the success and strengths of India’s workplace culture, setting a benchmark for others to aspire to.”


Gore-Tex: Where Integrity, Teamwork, and Innovation Unite!

Gore-Tex, the renowned clothing retailer boasts a rich history of innovation and a distinctive work culture. With a commitment to diversity and a unique lattice framework, Gore-Tex offers a dynamic and empowering environment for its Associates.

Raj Diamonds celebrates Mother’s Day in a unique style

Every woman’s journey to motherhood is beautiful and every mother is unique in her own way. She needs to be cherished throughout the year for the selfless love and dedication in keeping family always ahead of her.”

SHRM Global Workplace Culture Report 2022-2

SHRM releases the Global Workplace Culture Report 2022

The Global Workplace Culture 2022 report brings forth an important aspect of organisational growth in notice, the workplace culture. Workplace culture will spell the difference between success and failure in a post-pandemic world.

Culture of Innovation

Tips On Building A Culture That Thrives On Innovation

A culture of innovation fosters creativity and problem-solving. It motivates the employees to take ownership of their tasks and encourages their curiosity. An innovation-driven culture harnesses ideas and works to develop, implement and generate value.

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Organizations Benefit When People Love Their Workplace

When companies create an environment where workers feel safe to risk talking about new ideas, and safe to try new things, they will be more adaptive and ultimately more successful. Guest Author: Zainab Cutlerywala


Hire People for Character, Train them for Skills

I have always believed that capacity is a sum total of character and competence (skills). The most appropriate approach is to always have the two (character and skills) blended in a healthy way… By Supriya (Naval) Kabra


My latest thoughts on all things Culture & HR

Too many startups and small organizations make excuses that they don’t have the budget to invest into culture …. they say they don’t have the budget to provide high-level perks and amenities for there staff. Guest Author : Anthony Vaughan

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Empowering employees at KPMG

  Ekta Capoor, editor in chief, Amazing workplace’s interview with Unmesh Pawar, Partner and Head, People, Performance and Culture at KPMG in India KPMG (Klynveld Peat

Why Employees Thrive at MetLife

Employees play a very important role in deciding the culture of the workplace. They represent the company and it is the employer who works on his employees to train them to become their best version of themselves.

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Mantra for Amazing Workplaces

Role clarity, positive work culture, workspace wellness programs, nurturing talent and ensuring benefits for those who perform well are just some of the ways to ensure employee satisfaction and long-term retention.

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Employees drive the culture & experience

Employees play a key role in bringing along a wealth of experience and knowledge. You need to provide them an environment to share their learning and experience by providing an external perspective about the best practices implemented in other organizations.

Interview, amazing workplaces-Amit-Malik-Chief-operations-and-peoples-officer

Employee Engagement is an outcome of what we do

We always believe that employee engagement is an not an activity but an outcome, the sum total of whatever we undertake to do. Thus, to engage the workforce, you have to improve engagement in every sphere of what you do and what you are BROTHERS employees people culture blue collared ekta capoor interview

Achieving near zero attrition rate at

“Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” We firmly believe in this philosophy and therefore make significant efforts to invest in our employees.


Employees are People, Not Resources

An organization that cares for their people’s well-being will always support them with possible monetary help, work-flexibility, agreed time-off or atleast a listening ear to their people.

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Employees are part of a team that is managing the company

Almost 70% of our total cost is incurred on employees. Retaining good employees is critical to a company’s growth and the best way for employee retention is to continuously invest in their training and growth.

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Why Having Fun at Work is Important

Having fun at work has multiple benefits. It increases productivity, builds camaraderie and enhances employee loyalty. It also reminds people of their value to their managers, their organization, and to each other.


What are Amazing Workplaces?

The ideal organization is aware of dominant currents in its culture, work habits, dress code, traditions, and governing assumptions but, makes explicit efforts to transcend them.


Let’s Build Amazing Workplaces

Becoming an amazing workplace is imbibed deep into the DNA of the Company’s culture and is a message that every employee silently conveys and displays in his attitude and passion at the work place.

Transform Your Organization into
Amazing Workplaces

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