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Top Trends HR Payroll Has Witnessed During Lockdown

There has been a rapid standardization, optimization, and digitization of the HR roles through online HR platforms that provide an error-free efficient system of producing payroll data and insights.


Understanding Facts And Myths around POSH Law in India

Harassment of women at workplace is not something new or unheard of. Despite ratifying in 1992 for CEDAW (United Nations Convention on Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women), no concrete measures were adopted to safeguard women’s interest at the workplace.


What Is Work Life Balance And Ways To Achieve It

Numerous people today are busy earning a living that they have no time for life. However, various studies have shown that the most productive employees are balanced people with full and even lives – both at the workplace and out of it.

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HR for small businesses: How to set it right

Big organizations understand that the role of HR has evolved from just handling recruitment and payroll to being responsible for employee development, satisfaction, company growth, and maintaining a healthy company culture.


Present-ready for the future, the new age graduates

Thanks to technological advancements we continued working from the safety of our homes. Remote work, work from home or work from anywhere became a norm across industries. This is a luxury that our previous generations never experienced.


Five upskilling and reskilling strategies at the workplace

The impact of learning at the workplace is difficult to overestimate. It’s a huge investment the companies can put into their future internal talent mobility. Besides, upskilling and reskilling are building blocks of such essential attributes as employee engagement, a successful employer brand, and life-learning culture.


Are YOU Creating a Learning Culture at the Workplace?

A learning culture not only helps organizations build capabilities to deliver on their business strategy but is also crucial to promote continuous improvement across organization and to stay up with the pace of change in today’s VUCA world.


‘Open-Heart’ Workplace Culture for an Amazing Workplace

Open Heart Culture means a workplace that welcomes all, has tolerance towards mistakes, accepts differences & a variety of ideas, empowers and enables all talent, and most importantly respects and values every single individual.


Evolving Social Purpose Organisations: Building Leadership Capacity

Based on a survey with over 250 nonprofit leaders from India in 2013, Bridgespan reports that more than 50 per cent of NGOs had not received any funding for leadership development in the last two years and lacked the talent management processes to build effective teams.

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The ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ of Designing a Hybrid Workplace

What makes a hybrid work model sound interesting is what the shift to a mixed operational model may mean for organizations and their employees and what considerations organizations would have to keep in mind when making this shift.


Managing Employee Productivity in times of Covid

The work from home culture initially raised a lot of doubts and concerns over employee productivity getting hampered. There was a constant fear that employees might slack off in work if not under surveillance 24 by 7

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Building a Gender Inclusive work environment

Today, we are at a crossroads when it comes to Gender Inclusivity and Neutrality, in the corporate workplace. The recent women’s day celebrations in March raised the issues of unequal representation of women in leadership roles, the issues like equal share of voice, equal pay and equal opportunities, continue to be real hurdles in building gender inclusive and functionally effective diverse workplaces.

Empowering Managers to Thrive

Investing in managers and helping them become their best selves at work means you also invest in their teams who will benefit from a more confident, purpose filled and energized leader.


Effectively Managing and Engaging Remote Employees

Remote work demands new skills from managers, which most managers have never experienced. Changing your management style is not an easy thing to do, especially when their style is effective in-person!


What does the Gen Z Really want?

Guest Post : Vinay Trivedi, CHRO | TA Pai Young HR Leader – Economic Times | Speaker | Guest Faculty | University Advisory Board |

Increasing role of AI in HR-featured-image

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Artificial intelligence has spread its range of influence across industries, spanning domains. From manufacturing to healthcare and finance to logistics as well as Human Resources. Most businesses across the globe are tapping the potential of artificial intelligence and its subsets to fuel their growth.

Susanne Drews-website-featured-image-tips for creating a positive employee experience

7 Tips for creating a positive employee experience

EX is the creation of positive work experience and the perception of such from the workers perspective. To say it in a few words: In Employee Experience we work with feelings and hopefully most of the time they are positive.


10 Myths About UK Employment Law

Contributed by: Sarah Simcott, Employment Lawyer, Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors Opinions expressed and information shared by Amazing Workplaces contributors are their own. Knowing your rights as


Covid-19-Workplace Tips for Employees

Many countries have managed to flatten the COVID-19 growth curve. The testing has been going on at full pace. Several vaccines (with varying safety and

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The Future of Gig Economy Post Pandemic

Gig workers basically consist of independent, outworkers, self-contributors and part-time employees. They are in more control of the career decisions they make, the direction they want to go and are not bound by corporate dynamics.

Mansi Gandhi, COO & Co-Founder, DoctorC-featured-image-amazing-workplaces

Significance of Diversity in Indian Workplaces

Workplace diversity means understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations. Authored by: Mansi Gandhi, COO & Co-Founder, DoctorC

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Building a safe, resilient and sustainable future for your workforce

While no business can guarantee preventing the spread of infection, vital precautionary steps will minimise risks, fulfil your Duty of Care responsibilities and promote workforce resilience. Authored By: Neeraj Balani, Managing Director, International SOS, India

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SYKES India, A Company Hiring Amidst Covid-19

SYKES is working on a HYBRID work model, with more than 50% of our team members still working from home, while the others are reporting on-site. Authored by: Dishant Bhojwani, Country Head – SYKES India

coaching_Steven_Mcormick_ Life Coach_business coach

Workplace Coaching – Miracle Cure or Trendy Fad?

As more and more organisations begin to reap the benefits of investing in their people, coaching is becoming an increasingly popular offering, with some companies even hiring their very own in-house coaches. Guest Author : Author: Steven McCormick is a Business & Life Coach


Workplace Dynamics – Covid-19 and Beyond

The business environment across all industries continues to be challenging, but IT industry in India, has largely adapted well in meeting client expectations and project deliverables, and minimizing any business disruptions. Guest Author : Romeet Kaul


Why employees with mentoring are far more likely to stay

Knowing that a mentor will always make the time for you, or be present when you need them most, can completely transform how an employee perceives their workplace and how they see their future within it. Guest Author: Alan Slavik

Why does losing a job hurt so much

Why does losing a job hurt so much?

Career counsellors and advisers would instruct individuals who have lost their job to get back to any sort of employment, however, the most immersive coaching conversations tend to reveal more than what meets the eye. Guest Author: Vishal Naithani

CDK Global, employee engagement, HR Head

Driving Employee Experience at CDK Global (India)

While the basics of driving employee experience will not change even in these challenging times, there is an all-time need now for building psychological safety as a hygiene factor. Guest Author : Mr. Joy George, Head – Human Resources of CDK Global (India)

The New Role of HR: ‘Experience Architects’

To be an adored brand, you need a good amount of love in the marketplace. The C-suite is now recognizing, at a level scarcely seen before, the connection between how their consumers and employees feel. Guest Author: Ben Whitter

Top 10 Reasons Why ERP Implementations Fail

ERP systems today touch almost every aspect of a company, so whether it is a completely new system or just a major upgrade, there are a number of common pitfalls companies can avoid.

HR Leadership, neuroscience, human element

Rising Importance of Neuroscience in HR Leadership

Technology, in many ways, is a reflection of humanity, and is helping us to understand ourselves better. I believe in business its our responsibility to care for others, support others to help us create new products and services. Guest Author: Anthony Vaughan

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Organizations Benefit When People Love Their Workplace

When companies create an environment where workers feel safe to risk talking about new ideas, and safe to try new things, they will be more adaptive and ultimately more successful. Guest Author: Zainab Cutlerywala

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4 tips to change from An Individual Contributor to A Leader

Moving from individual contributor to leader is like moving from being baby sat to being parent…. Yes I said being “baby sat to a parent”. Your entire perspective changes but not as much as you may think… By Anthony Vaughan


Hire People for Character, Train them for Skills

I have always believed that capacity is a sum total of character and competence (skills). The most appropriate approach is to always have the two (character and skills) blended in a healthy way… By Supriya (Naval) Kabra


My latest thoughts on all things Culture & HR

Too many startups and small organizations make excuses that they don’t have the budget to invest into culture …. they say they don’t have the budget to provide high-level perks and amenities for there staff. Guest Author : Anthony Vaughan

Roma Priya, Burgeon Law Firm- Importance of ESOPs to Retain Employees

Importance of ESOPs to Retain Employees

ESOPs are an incentive tool gaining popularity in India especially in companies that cannot offer high grade salaries to its employees and simultaneously want the employees to work with a sense of ownership in the Company. Guest Author : Roma Priya

awfis sample office spaces helping small businesses to create amazing workplaces

5 Reasons Why Companies Need to Focus on Workspace Design

Companies like Facebook, Yahoo and Google pay great attention to creating an employee-friendly environment. They understand that their employees enjoy working in the ‘fun’ interiors, and that it leads to increased productivity levels . Guest Author : Ratul Ghosh

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Great skills needed for creating an inspiring workplace

Many years ago, I was in my boss’s office for my annual review. He was very diplomatic and shared that he was happy with my work. When he asked me, “Do you have any questions?” By Karthik Rajan

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