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Campus 365 eases the way for Women Employees by offering 12 days of menstrual leaves



New Delhi February 09th , 2022: Periods have been considered taboo in India, a country where the fight for menstrual rights has been an uphill battle. Despite several countries  offering menstrual leaves to women on an annual basis, India has been lagging in terms of leaves for women. Campus 365, a schooling partner, has been helping lead the way by offering period leaves for women in the company.

Campus 365 management has been working to not just house diverse staff, but to offer support to the folks who come from all walks of life and that starts with ensuring that the women of the company (including transwomen) are offered the right conditions. After witnessing several women of the company take days off their regular assigned holidays and work through their pain, the board decided that the one way to maintain their safety was to offer them an extra day off for each menstrual cycle.

The company members also want to encourage an environment of openness and honesty. By providing a safe space for women to voice their concerns and talk about a period of their lives that is completely natural, Campus 365 is helping de-stigmatize periods and women's health.

The men of the company have also been educated via emails on how to support women with empathy and a general environment of understanding while offering women support without prying eyes on their health.

A study in 2020 showcased that 70 lakh employed women need menstrual support but most do not get the help they need, making period leaves a luxury in the country. Campus 365 is committed to the cause of helping the women of the country tide over, and believe that this is just the beginning of the journey for women’s rights.

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