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Beyond Key Celebrates Chandrayaan 3 Landing as a unifying moment of Patriotism

Chandrayaan-3 Landing Celebration Beyond Key


Delhi, 24th August 2023 : Beyond Key, a global IT consulting and software services company, celebrated the phenomenal landing of Chandrayaan-3 within its corporate premises. As a company that is fiercely committed to technological innovation and believes in the spirit of unity, Beyond Key lined up to commemorate the historic Chandrayaan 3 expedition and share this great moment with its personnel.


Beyond Key organised this influential event that blended technology and teamwork. On this occasion, all team  members assembled to watch a live webcast of Chandrayaan 3’s landing on a large screen. The event strived to instil a strong sense of national pride by highlighting the fact that every accomplishment belongs to the entire country.


The occasion included participatory games that promoted fellowship among team  members as they experienced the thrill and anticipation of this momentous occasion. Participants also got the chance to use specially created selfie props during the webcast that reflected their pride in being Indian citizens to document their patriotism. Additionally, employees sang the National Anthem together as part of the event, which had as its theme ‘the essence of togetherness’.


The moment demonstrated Beyond Key’s commitment to developing a workplace that emphasises both professional development and individual pursuits. The company demonstrated its dedication to fostering a motivated and engaged workforce by making the time and venue available for such an event.


Speaking about the event, Piyush Goel, CEO & Founder at Beyond Key, said, “Hosting such an occasion that unified each of us in witnessing Chandrayaan 3’s potential landing success and cherishing the achievements of our country’s research community was truly an honour”. We recognise the significance of technological milestones as an IT company. Our dedication, subsequently, extends beyond just being a provider of IT solutions.

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