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Marut Bhardwaj

Marut Bhardwaj

Marut Bhardwaj is the Country Head of Potential Project, India- a global leadership consulting & professional services firm. She is a leadership development speaker and facilitator transforming the competitive corporate chaos into a more humane world of work, so that the organizations and its employees can all thrive together.
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Human leadership is founded on the basis of trust

One of the most important duties organizational leaders have is to create an atmosphere of trust. Trust in a leader is a currency that does not come easy, it takes time, a lot of effort, and is the result of many factors.


Decoding The Leadership Style of the Next Decade

Future leaders will face even greater challenges. Leadership in the next decade will be about striking a balance between the pursuit of profit and the well-being of the organization and its ecosystem. And it will require a sense of compassion.

Leaders Need to Be Humans First-amazing-workplaces

Why Do Leaders Need To Be Humans First?

Leaders play a critical role in our workplaces and society. As people in positions of power and authority, they have the capacity to impact our daily lives. The onus of establishing connection too, therefore, lies on them.

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