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Anthony Vaughan

Anthony Vaughan

Anthony Vaughan is from Baltimore, MaryLand. Director of Employee experience @Fit2go Personal training. A serial entrepreneur and start up consultant, is an avid speaker and podcast host. Anthony has a keen interest with helping brands and organizations in implementing thoughtful HR.
HR Leadership, neuroscience, human element

Rising Importance of Neuroscience in HR Leadership

Technology, in many ways, is a reflection of humanity, and is helping us to understand ourselves better. I believe in business its our responsibility to care for others, support others to help us create new products and services. Guest Author: Anthony Vaughan

leadership characteristics, leader, team lead

4 tips to change from An Individual Contributor to A Leader

Moving from individual contributor to leader is like moving from being baby sat to being parent…. Yes I said being “baby sat to a parent”. Your entire perspective changes but not as much as you may think… By Anthony Vaughan


My latest thoughts on all things Culture & HR

Too many startups and small organizations make excuses that they don’t have the budget to invest into culture …. they say they don’t have the budget to provide high-level perks and amenities for there staff. Guest Author : Anthony Vaughan

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