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Amazing Workplaces® Certification


We are on a mission to build a cohort of the most Amazing Workplaces® around the globe. For this we are looking for organizations that follow the best practices in people management, to assess and recognize them as Amazing Workplaces®.


If you are one such organization, here’s your chance to become Amazing Workplaces® Certified !

The Amazing Workplaces® assessment helps to analyze the current level of Employee Satisfaction of an organization on the basis of the 9 pillar framework . It also helps to identify and highlight the areas that are working well in an organization as well as identifying the key problem areas that employees may be facing.

A satisfactory assessment is followed by an Amazing Workplaces® certification which would help you build a positive employer brand in the industry.


So, if you want that future talent should identify you as Amazing Workplaces® this is a great opportunity for you to create a positive employer brand for yourself.

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