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6 Ways Businesses are Using AI in Human Resource Management

Ways Businesses are Using AI in Human Resource Management


How is your company leveraging AI and/or machine learning to improve the HR department’s functions?

To help you effectively use AI in HR management, we asked CEOs and HR specialists this question for their best insights. From running predictions for effective planning to providing self-service for filing claims, there are several ideas that may help you use AI effectively in HR management.


Here are 6 ways business leaders use AI in HR management:


  • Running Predictions for Effective Planning
  • Including DEI in the Hiring Process
  • Using AI for Timecard Management
  • Digitizing Candidate Resumes
  • Implementing Text-to-Video Software for L&D
  • Providing Self-Service for Filing Claims


Running Predictions for Effective Planning

Our company is leveraging AI and machine learning in a number of ways to improve HR functions. For example, we are using machine learning algorithms to predict which candidates are likely to be successful in a given role and using AI-powered chatbots to help answer employee questions and resolve issues. Additionally, we are using machine learning to automatically generate performance reports and to identify potential areas of improvement for employees. Overall, these tools are helping us to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our HR department.

Adil Advani, Stream Digitally


Including DEI in the Hiring Process

One HR technology feature that every company should be looking to adapt is a feature for diverse and equitable hiring. It seems the business world is finally catching up with the times, and HR technology is coming out at a rapid pace to keep up. Hiring technologies are revolutionizing the hiring process and making it a better process for all involved. HR technology is bias-blind, meaning that a company can adapt hiring technologies to improve on any biases held in previous hiring decisions, and can begin taking steps in the right direction. Inclusive hiring only starts here, but adapting new HR technologies that center on improving hiring processes is a great step in the right direction for any company.

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Guna Kakulapati, CureSkin



Guna Kakulapati - Pullquote - amazingworkplaces



Using AI for Timecard Management

One way we are using AI to improve HR functions is with timecards and scheduling. We have geofencing, so employees can punch in through either a phone app or one on their computer. Their hours are automatically updated, so schedules shift slightly to make sure they work exactly 40 hours.

The system also lets our HR know if someone’s schedule is way off balance, so we can address it before Friday. For instance, someone could put in 35 hours by Thursday which would prompt the schedule to release them three hours early on Friday. That could be considered a problem as more work needs to be done on Friday, and taking off so early needs approval. With this system, we are notified of the potential issue by Wednesday and can step in and address it.

Bruce Tasios, Tasios Orthodontics


Digitizing Candidate Resumes

My work as an HR leader is to ensure that the company is always connected to prospective employees. With a high number of people looking for employment, the number of resumes received daily is huge. We are leveraging machine and AI systems in order to digitize these resumes into comprehensive forms that categorize different skills with suitable roles. When finally it is time to fill a role, it becomes easy to retrieve the resume of a suitable candidate and make a call offer them a job.

Leah Wanjiku Gathoni, NearbyMovers


Implementing Text-to-Video Software for L&D

We believe that certain HR processes like L&D can be improved with AI. We use text-to-video software to deliver learning materials in an engaging way. This helps the HR department save time and, frankly, nerves, as the technology is super user-friendly. I enjoy the results, and we appreciate how quick it is to generate a video.

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Sasha Prylypska,


Sasha Prylypska - Pullquote - amazingworkplaces


Providing Self-Service for Filing Claims

We are just starting to dabble in AI to improve some of our functions. One way we are using it is to help our employees file health insurance claims. They can choose a self-serve option, and the AI software takes care of all of it without HR needing much involvement at all until it’s processed.

This approach has saved us a lot of time and is much more convenient for our employees. The only issue we’ve had is training them to use it. Some of our older workers rather stop by the office to fill out forms the way we used to and are slightly reluctant to use this new way of doing things. The hard part about that is they are the ones who are using health benefits the most.

Fadi Swaida, Halton Village Dental


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