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10 unique Employer Branding Initiatives by famous companies

Ekta Capoor

Ekta Capoor

Ekta sincerely believes that people are at the core of every organization and need to be nurtured in an environment of great culture! She is passionate and extremely curious about the best practices, that form the foundation of any workplace culture and people management policies.

In today’s times, when organizations are struggling to hire the right talent, employees are more aware than ever before about which organization they wish to work for. Before joining an organization, an employee might want to pull out every possible information about the employer. Is the salary paid on time? Does the company have a toxic work culture? Will I be subject to overworking? These and many more questions are being asked about companies by potential hires.

A recent employer branding report suggests that hike in salary itself is not the sole criteria for candidates these days. Rather, Work-Life Balance, Job Security and Work Environment too play a decisive role. These aspects are now necessitating the growing importance of focusing more than ever on Employer Branding!

Every single company out there is now keen on ensuring a good work culture for their employees. Moreover, they indulge in some branding activities beyond that too.

Amazing Workplaces studied and identified some brands that are seriously working towards creating a unique Employer Brand image for themselves in the minds of their existing as well as potential employees.


Growth is a Mindset – this is the slogan for Mollie. On visiting their official website, one would simply deduce that they are more focused on growth. While every other brand website does have some pointers as Core Values, Vision and Mission, Mollie has put on its creative hat to make it look interesting.

Also, they have portrayed their own employees in the forefront in a smart way.  Be Loved. Be Bold.  Be Authentic. – are their core values and they have also gone on to explain why.

To understand what this company is looking to achieve, you could figure out without any efforts. Scrolling through their social media profiles one comes to know that every new employee is celebrated with a warm welcome followed by the journeys of longstanding employees in the company.


At Chipotle, an American chain of fast casual restaurants, Three things will entice every single employee i.e., employee benefits, promotions, and inclusion. Hiring and onboarding new people is among the top five responsibilities of the General Managers of Chipotle Mexican Grill.

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Most importantly, keeping your word is imperative and Chipotle does it diligently. In 2019, the company enhanced its parental leave program and they promised as well as offered plenty of employee education opportunities.

Then comes the case of promotions, 70 percent of the General Managers today joined as associate or at executive level some years before. This means, they were given regular promotions based on their performance.

Chipotle is among the few brands that champions diversity and inclusion, celebrating the Pride Month. They do not discriminate amongst employees as 70 per cent are from diverse backgrounds.


The best way to lure anyone into the fold is by creating a perception that you belong to them. Imagine, a Game Developer is looking at the website of Blizzard and if he/she is someone with an unending love for gaming then they surely would think of having a career here.

With ideas like the ‘Take your Dog to Work Day’- a popular phenomenon these days- it is beyond inclusivity. Blizzard is branded in a way that gamers start behaving like being part of the gamers/gaming enthusiasts community.

Also, the design elements of the official web page itself gets one to think that one has found the right place to dwell.

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Tony’s Chocolonely

An advertisement for a confectionery brand shows how chocolates are carefully chosen from Africa. While that gives pride on one hand, on the other, it propagates inequality.

But, Tony’s Chocolonely is branding itself pretty differently.

Its branding video talks about inequality in Africa and how the brand is focused on abolishing inequality in the world. While several chocolate bars are evenly divided, Tony’s Chocolate bar is uneven in nature. Hence every time someone consumes this chocolate, they will realize the world around us is unequal.

Moreover, their chocolate wrapper is pretty straight forward, asking you to support the cause by saying, Share our chocolate, share our story, working towards 100% slave free chocolates becoming the norm. Anyone who wishes to support this cause would definitely identify with this company.

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Netflix undoubtedly hosts award winning web series, documentaries, and movies. Its simplicity and straight forwardness are considered as the reasons for its success as one amongst the strongest employer brands.

Independent Decision Making, Broad Minded approach, candid conversations and rule breaking are some power phrases that lure like-minded souls to Netflix. Yes, Netflix ensures the voice of every employee is heard.

Reading through their career page one would also understand that admitting to your mistakes and rectifying the same is smart in an open work culture. Most importantly, questioning actions inconsistent with personal values is a phenomenal approach to absorb.

The statements made on the Careers page might make one think that perhaps Netflix is a little pushy rather than supportive towards its employees. But, through these statements one thing is pretty clear i.e., result oriented individuals would definitely want to work in an organization like Netflix.



Follow what you preach, and the world will follow you. A classic quote and PetSmart, a pet specialty clinic in Canada and the USA preaches this quote pretty well. If you love a pet, you’re obviously going to be an employee here.

With their employees, they create personal stories on puppies and kittens. These associate stories under the campaign – #LifeatPetSmart has lured customers quite significantly. Their website and social media channels convey the same in a subtle manner that people would want to watch.

Such campaigns by default develop trust among the customers and customer-retention will not be a challenge with such honest efforts.


Work from home as a culture is loved by all these days because of the comfort. You can sit anywhere and work. Also, you can pursue other activities too in between as you work. But we all are worried this culture might end once we return to the new normal.

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Eventbrite is one company that is offering flexibility in this space. Employees can choose from different work options i.e., work 4-5 days a week in a hub office, work remote some days and show  up to office 1 or 3 days a week or a fully remote working arrangement.

This is in line with the company’s core values of the employees being happy and healthy. Anyone who believes in working independently would choose this company without a doubt.

Marriott International

Diversity, inclusion, and emotional wellbeing are among the most critical factors for all employees working in Marriott International Hotels across 131 countries. The organization believes that its foundation of success depends upon the wellbeing of its employees.

They tend to look after the emotional, physical, and financial needs of all of their employees thereby making them feel like a valued member of the team and also create an enviornment where they are motivated to make a difference in their respective communities.

Through their social media channels, Marriott promotes the various activities through which they ensure their employee wellbeing and promote how diverse they are in terms of culture.


Natural, entrepreneurial, responsible, commercial and generous are the five values of Innocent, which is a smoothie brand in UK. What they do, how they do it, where they want to be, is well reflected in every aspect of their business.

Through their social media handles, they promote these aspects with subtlety. Innocent promotes a unique knitting initiative since 2003 –the Innocent Big Knit by putting a little knit hat on every smoothie bottle and donating the proceeds -25 pence a bottle- to Age UK, the leading charity for older people. Innocent also gives 10 per cent of profits to charity every year.

Other than that, Innocent’s LinkedIn page focuses on their employees. They even create videos showcasing their diverse and inclusive work culture, work environment and more.

That is a Wrap

Employer Branding is on the rise, with brands considering it seriously. Even the Fortune 500 companies are now becoming exceptions in terms of employer branding.

In our upcoming blog, we will see more such examples on Employer Branding.

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