10 Steps to the Boardroom by G. S. Rattan – Climb Your Way to Success



There is no linear path to reach the top. In today’s day and age, when there is so much competition and nepotism that is being spoken about, one has to wonder: Does talent and merit have a chance? In the author’s opinion, they do. So how does one knock on the door of success and reach the boardroom?

Author GS Rattan’s book ‘10 steps to the boardroom’ takes you through the crucial ten steps you need to climb as you progress in your career to reach the top via the author’s own personal journey. Each chapter deals with one specific quality that a CEO is required to have and is accompanied with a worksheet next to it that will help you chart your growth. Peppered with wisdom and experience, each story will help you understand the implications of your decisions and the right career stage that one should look at making a move. An absolute must-have for anyone looking to make a mark in their corporate career.

“I had always wanted to pass on my knowledge to the next generation. After a successful and fulfilling corporate stint, teaching gave me the opportunity to do so. With the addition of a book to my name I am able to reach out to several more young minds. This book is to be read by every ambitious professional irrespective of their industry and can be adapted to any country. We might all live in different cultures but the basic values of humanity and professionalism remain the same.

If you want to go right up to the top, then this is a read you cannot miss. The book guides them through various stages of their career and helps them carve a path that they can create to move ahead to the next level.” GS Rattan said.

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The author encourages the readers to use the book as a road map and guide that they can keep going back to for inspiration, chronicling success and milestones in their life.

The author spent four decades in the corporate world, during which he rose to become the CEO of Tata Bearings after which he spent a decade in academics. He now embarks on his third career as an author with his debut book – at 74. He is now working on his second book.


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